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Invasion of Poland; Poland surrenders

Film | Accession Number: 2003.122 | RG Number: RG-60.4282 | Film ID: 2552

Title on screen: Ozaphan 11/39 Monatsschau; Krieg in Polen (Loosely, November monthly report on the war in Poland). View from a low-flying aircraft of smoke and destruction on the ground, including a bridge collapsed into a river. Title on screen: Brennende Haeuser kennzeichnen den (?) Rueckzugsweg der Polen [Burning houses indicate the retreat of the Poles]. Aerial shot along a line of burning structures on the ground. An explosion; soldiers walking through burning and smoking rubble. Title on screen: Hier sassen Heckenschuetzen [Here sat the snipers]. German soldiers climb over rubble toward the camera. Shots of burning and destroyed structures. Two Germans, each carry a live goose. A German soldier wearing an apron prepares a dead pig for cooking; the remains of an animal on a spit over a fire. Various shots of soldiers marching, including over muddy and debris-strewn ground. Others march by, smiling into the camera. In one shot they are handed newspapers, shots of which are then shown in close-up. The headline reads: "Enemy tank column taken between Warsaw and Siedlce." Germans inspect destroyed and derailed trains. Title on screen: Deutsche und Russen treffen in Brest-Litovsk zusammen [Germans and Russians meet in Brest-Litovsk]. German and Soviet officers review a document in Russian (a brief, close up view). The Russian officer nods, they salute and shake hands. Title on screen: Besprechung ueber die Demarkationslinie [Conference about the demarcation line]. View of an official building. Several men sit together. Title on screen: __tzter Widerstand bei Gdingen [? resistance at Gdingen]. Title on screen: Versenkter Dampfer als Hafensperre [Sunken ship as harbor blockade]. A sunken ship in a harbor. A gunship fires its guns at the shore. Smoke rises from the town. Title on screen: Der Fuehrer im befreiten Danzig [The fuehrer in liberated Danzig]. " A view of Danzig from the river. Hitler rides down a street and is greeted by jubilant crowds. Nazi banners hang in the streets behind a fountain. Wider shot of cars driving down the street, surrounded by crowds. Title on screen: Warschau kapituliert nach zweitaegiger Beschiessung [Warsaw capitulates after a two-day bombardment]. German soldiers loading and shooting cannons and mortars at Warsaw. Panning aerial shot of smoke rising from Warsaw. Title on screen: "Massarbeit" unserer Stukas ["Tailor work" of our Stukas]. Aerial scenes of destruction of the city, including train tracks and a large building, perhaps a palace or large government building. Title on screen: Der polinische Parlamentaer. A Polish general reviews and accepts the terms of the surrender of Poland to Germany, which took place in a rail car near Warsaw.

Event:  October-November 1939
Production:  1939
Danzig, Germany
Warsaw, Poland
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Claranne Bechtler
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:46:10
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