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Prague; field surgery; London; German submarines

Film | Accession Number: 2002.312.1 | RG Number: RG-60.3667 | Film ID: 2609

Color footage. A man waking up in a military cot (very underexposed). Two windows behind his bed provide a small amount of light for the shot. The man sits up in bed and speaks to the cameraman. Col. Zabin walks down street in Prague in his U.S. Army uniform carrying a shoulder bag. He tips his hat to the cameraman, cars in BG, and a civilian in FG. Col. Zabin boards a streetcar. He removes his helmet and tips it to the cameraman. Pan of streetcar full of civilians, Col. Zabin walks in front of the car as the camera pans, large "N" inside of a circle on streetcar. MS, pan of castle with the river below. VS of the surrounding town, horses and a groomsman, some shots of the city at twilight. END

Black and white footage. Col. Zabin dresses himself. He sits at the edge of his cot, puts on socks, undergarments, pants, etc. He smiles somewhat awkwardly for the camera. MS, Col. Zabin with two military officers walking down street. They smile for the camera. Three servicemen walk arm in arm and smile. VS, the servicemen chat with two women, Col. Zabin exits a building with a young boy, a man, and a woman. He stands and poses outside the building with the family. Cut to a wounded man in a hospital bed. CU of his legs, very charred, a doctor with surgical mask works on the patient. CU of man's forearm with a swastika tattoo. Cut to another CU of a man's forearms, he is resting his hands on his knees, it is difficult to see clearly but there appears to be a marking on his other forearm as well. END

In England, LS, sign outside of Tudor-style building reads: "The White Lion." Pan to another sign: "To Car Park Anells White Lion." MLS, civilians wait on a train platform, a few soldiers visible on the platform as well. Pan of the train platform. MLS, a woman and her child stand in front of advertisement posters, one is for the Abbey National Building Society (an English bank). MLS, a guard on duty in front of the Buckingham Palace, more march by. VS, city streets in and around Westminster Square, pan of buildings, windows, scaffolding, focus on Downing Street at intersection with Whitehall. LS Big Ben, pan from the clock down the tower. The square with buses, cars, and people moving about. END

Opening credits. Degeto Schmalfilm-Schrank. "U-Boote" Film made in Germany in 194?. END

Event:  1944-1945
London, England
Prague, Czechoslovakia
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Steven Zabin
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:03:47
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