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US Army soldiers on Omaha Beach, France

Film | Accession Number: 2002.312.1 | RG Number: RG-60.3670 | Film ID: 2612

MS, parade of soldiers in naval uniforms march through city streets (unidentified army) carrying rifles. An awning sign reads: "HAMILTON and BELL." Another store sign reads: "HUINS." To the left, a banner hangs from a window: "SOLDIER TO SOLDIER" with drawings of a marching soldier on either side of the banner. A different group of soldiers marches past the camera. Civilians line the parade route. Marching band passes by, followed by U.S. Army soldiers in dress uniforms, followed by soldiers in combat gear, and one with an American flag. American women in uniform, another group of unidentified soldiers with a piece of a cannon, nurses in white aprons with red crosses and white scarves on their heads, and an unidentified navy and their marching band follow. END

INT, MS, a theater production (Shakespeare?). The camera focuses on the stage. EXT, VS of monuments and statues. MS, Col. Zabin stands at left next to a large bronze statue of a man deep in thought. Other U.S. Army soldiers in the BG. MLS, brief glimpse of a grassy hill in the countryside.

EXT, a British army officer posing near a car with a dog. INT, MCU, group of women seated at a table (poorly lit), camera pans the table, a man is seated at the head of the table, talking and smiling, men and women in uniform sit opposite. EXT, LS of a ship in open water. Pan of the water, various ships, shot from the deck of another ship. Very far in the distance, there is the faint outline of a building along the shore (overexposed). Pan of the water, warships flying a small dirigible-type object on its mast, docked in open water. 01:04:49 This is Omaha Beach. MS, American soldiers camped along a hillside on the coast. Small dirigible-like balloons also fly here on land. Soldiers set up camp. Harbor, large industrial vessels. Quick cut to soldiers setting up camp again, pan of the surrounding hillside. More scenes of the beach, ships docked near the shoreline, and military supply vehicles driving along the beach. Several tanks are also parked along the shore. MS, German POWs sitting in a field, in uniform, speaking to each other, some look at the camera. They are all trying to open a small box (perhaps holding C rations or cigarettes). U.S. Army medical truck in BG. POWs line up to receive rations. MCU, young POW smiles at the camera as he begins to open box. MLS, soldiers digging trenches. MS officers - farthest left is Gen. Eisenhower smoking a cigarette while standing in a jeep. MS, Eisenhower seated, turns and smiles to the camera. 01:09:59:24 Eisenhower with a Naval officer and General George C. Marshall, who was the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army at the time and Eisenhower's superior. They stand, talk to each other. MS, American soldiers, atop a tank, smile for the camera.

Color footage. MLS, in an open grassy field, U.S. soldiers fold several large parachutes, field hospital tent in BG. VS, the beach head, CUs of ships on shore, CUs of their numbers. Quick shot of a field of grain. MS, two women walk into a house, followed by a man and a dog. The man, in civilian dress exits the house with the dog. CU, U.S. Army soldiers speak to the locals at their base camp/field hospital. A soldier looks up and waves to the camera. MS, a street corner in a French town. French flag hangs from the building. Civilians and military move about the streets. Pan of a municipal building and the statues, an American flag and a French flag fly side by side.

Black and white footage. INT, CU of a cathedral, pan of the ornate architectural details, the pipe organ, and the crystal chandelier as well as stained glass windows, etc. EXT, MS a group of ducks waddling along, crossing a street and continuing to walk down the center of the street. END

Color footage. MLS, U.S. soldiers at base camp. Pan of destroyed bridge, the soldiers have created a makeshift bridge to cross the river. Civilians also use this temporary bridge, a local man walks his bicycle over the bridge, a woman in an apron also crosses. MLS, the U.S. Army medics base camp and field hospital, pan of the tents and surrounding countryside. More views of the soldiers at work and the surrounding farmland.

Event:  1944-1945
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Steven Zabin
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:03:47
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