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Celebration in Luxembourg; Nice, Monaco coastline; returning to New York

Film | Accession Number: 2002.312.1 | RG Number: RG-60.3668 | Film ID: 2610

MLS, jumpy scenes of young men running across a field, wearing red shorts and no shirts. Young women in red and blue skirts with white shirts processing around the field where the boys were running (also very jumpy). Girls hold and wave white handkerchiefs. LS, young men perform calisthenics on the field. MS, young women on the field. END

VS, Col. Zabin horseback riding and jumping.

VS, Col. Zabin waterskiing in Nice and Monaco. VS, high angle views of the beach and coast, people walking along a paved path by the beach. END

LS, high angle, hills, coastline, and the water beyond, red-tiled roofs of homes and other buildings. VS, city streets, municipal buildings, trees, civilians. Footage is underexposed and it is difficult to distinguish individual features. People walk up and down steps of a building. Col. Zabin in army uniform walks toward the camera, speaks to the cameraman. VS of town square and hills above the town. END

01:08:12 Black and white footage. INT, CU of soldier sleeping. CU of another soldier sleeping sitting up, he holds his head in his hands. Pan to another soldier next to him laughing. CU Col. Zabin and a fellow soldier in a rail car. EXT, train station, two soldiers stand and wait on the platform. The station sign reads: "BREAUTE-BEUZEVILLE." A train full of American soldiers is at the station. Col. Zabin climbs on board and waves, he hands half of a loaf of bread to another soldier on the platform. CU of another sign: "LE HAVRE." CU, Col Zabin gets off train. MCU, train yard covered with American soldiers in uniform, milling about, talking to each other, some carry bags and bed rolls. MS, Col. Zabin picks up his bags and walks toward the camera. In BG, side of the train reads "3739 (KTC) TRK 15" . LS, rooftops, treetops and hilltops of an unidentified town, pan, a church spire is in the center of town. Large ship docked in water. MS, Col. Zabin stands in front of a white building, takes off his hat and puts his hands on his hips. END

01:10:23 Color footage. MLS ship on the open sea. People waving, small red and white flags and many American flags are flying from the mast and on deck, some passengers in uniform. Various flags. Large banner reads: "Welcome Home - Well Done." The side of the ships says: "Transportation Corps." LS open water. MS women on deck waving to the cameraman, and holding up a banner reading: "Home Sweet Home" with a large caricature of man waking up - he is in striped pajamas, raising his hands above his head, and an alarm clock is next to him. CU of another ship full of American soldiers, covering the deck, masts, every spare inch of space, waving, etc. 01:11:45 LS of New York Harbor, several ships in the water, the Statue of Liberty, and the New York skyline. MLS, Statue of Liberty. Staten Island Ferry moves through water. Camera stays on the Statue as the ship moves closer to the port, then pans to the skyline. END

Event:  1945
Production:  1945
Nice, France
New York, NY, United States
Le Havre, France
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Steven Zabin
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:50:35
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