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Liberation: Luxembourg, Cologne; US Army soldiers; wounded men; field hospital

Film | Accession Number: 2002.312.1 | RG Number: RG-60.3671 | Film ID: 2613

Color footage. HAS plane circling in sky. From plane, pan of rooftops of buildings, metal rooftops on wooden buildings. Plane in flight. Man in leather bomber jacket and hat walking into a building; the ground is covered in snow.

Black and white footage. Aerial photographs (jumpy) of a cathedral and surrounding buildings. Plane moves, capturing scenes of the U.S. army base camp, tents and trucks below. Pastures, cows, buildings, scaffolding, hills, bodies of water (overexposed) MS, camouflaged tanks move along a dirt road. One tank operator looks at the camera and gives the thumbs up sign. As each tank passes by the operators acknowledge the cameraman. END

Liberated town, U.S. army supply trucks are parked on the main street. Civilians fill the streets walking up and down. MCU of civilians, looking and pointing at American soldiers atop vehicles. People lean out of apartment windows, wave to the soldiers; the soldiers descend from vehicles and wave to the civilians. A flag (possibly French) hangs from the apartment building. VS crowded street. U.S. military convoy begins to move, camera films the crowds and scenery as the trucks roll by (jerky and out of focus). MCU to CU of a group of U.S. soldiers in their jeep approaching the camera, the soldiers smile and joke with each other and the camera. (Col. Zabin himself shot this footage). MCU, American soldiers in an open jeep, there are a number of women with this unit. END

MS, U.S. Army field camp, medical trucks, tents, large red cross on the ground to be seen from above by enemy or friendly aircraft. Pan of the camp. MS, freight train approaches a crossing, low angle shot. Train station, civilians move about. MS, a street in an unidentified town, some buildings are still standing but surrounded by a lot of rubble and destruction. Civilians talk to each other and walk in the FG. MLS of a church. U.S. Army medics open truck and take wounded men on stretchers to an airplane. END

Overexposed MS, wounded men getting out of an open truck. U.S. army medics greet them. VS, the wounded lie on the ground in the sun relaxing and waiting for further treatment. They are not American soldiers, possibly Russian? Medical personnel conduct examinations in the open field, some men are on stretchers, most are bandaged. MCU, a German soldier, stands quietly looking at the camera then casts his eyes downward; he seems to be the only German soldier in the group. Other unidentified uniforms are stripped of their markings. VS of the field hospital. END

Color footage. Plane flying, electrical wires. MLS, an unidentified town, stone bridge, trees and mountains. Pan of the town and surrounding hills, medieval-looking wall. VS, townscape, steeples, rooftops, sunset, snow on the ground. In the BG, army convoys move along the road. MCU, Col. Zabin in combat uniform, helmet, and armband smiles for the camera, he rubs his hands together and takes off his hat. Col. Zabin, still rubbing his hands together to demonstrate that it's cold. Aerial views of field hospital and treetops, extremely lush, green countryside, a number of large buildings with grass roofs. More out of focus AVs. END

Black and white footage. MS, hundreds of soldiers on the deck of a ship. The ship is docked at Le Havre. A sign reading: "NYU VICTORY' hangs on the deck of one of the ships. Overhead shot, a group of the soldiers gamble, several have stacks of money in their hands. MS, Col. Zabin walking on the ship's deck, he stops and smiles for the camera and looks out to the water. Overexposed shot of the water and a smaller boat. END

Event:  1944-1945
Cologne, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Steven Zabin
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:03:47
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