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Scenes of destruction in Warsaw, Poland 1946

Film | Accession Number: 2003.214 | RG Number: RG-60.4014 | Film ID: 3005

LS, snow covered ground: statue of a man wielding a sword in a square in Warsaw, Poland. Buildings all around the statue are destroyed. MLS three young children in the street, walking toward the camera, they smile, continue walking until they are out of frame, then the camera captures them from behind, continuing their walk through the barren streets of the destroyed city of Warsaw. Cut to MLS, a man walking alone through the same deserted area, three men on a cart going down this same street- one man pedals the cart, two are in it. Soldiers in military supply trucks moving slowly through the streets of Warsaw- they are either Polish or Russian army. The trucks carry wooden coffins with wreaths on top of them- their fallen comrades. Each truck seems to have three coffins stacked in it. MS of a woman selling flowers on the street; LS of a destroyed building- it looks as though it may be one of the same ones that Bryan filmed in 1939. The shot lasts several seconds, then switches at 01:10:30:14 to a MS of a memorial covered in snow, wreaths, names, crosses, carnations, are all peaking out of the snow. 01:11:07:00 CU, shot from low angle of a destroyed church, followed by beautiful shots of two little girls walking hand in hand through the destroyed streets of Warsaw, covered in snow. The girls walk away from the camera, with their backs to the viewer

Film Title
Poland 1936
Event:  January-March 1946
Warsaw, Poland
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Julien Bryan Archive
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:55
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