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Nazi Germany trims: Leica factory, ferry, Pestalozzi Froebel Kindergarten, airplanes, peasants, exhibitions, nursery, tobacco, anti-Jewish signs, Goldschmidt school

Film | Accession Number: 2003.214 | RG Number: RG-60.4489 | Film ID: 3035

TRIMS. INTs, Leica factory, various shots. 01:00:43 Fountain at industry exhibition. Crowds looking at exhibitions, including "Das Weisse Gold," "Glaswolle," yarn/textiles, boots, "Continental" tires, "Sicherheits-Glas." Man standing next to large machine. 01:02:01 Small town in Germany. LS, Leica factory, INTs. CUs, lens, laborers, on lunch break, polishing, inserting film into camera. 01:04:01 HAS, LS, German village, cathedral spires, train in FG. 01:04:09 LS, factory, smokestacks. 01:04:18 Laborers on dirt mound with pick axes and sledgehammers. CU, "Krupp" insignia. Locomotive, rail lines. 01:05:09 Hang-gliding. 01:05:16 Bicycling, city traffic. 01:05:18 Man drinking Coca-Cola. 01:05:20 Crowd entering ferry, pan up to bridge. 01:05:24 Leica factory. 01:05:45 "Zur Jugendherbergs Ausstellung" sign. "Gepaeck-Abgabe" sign. 01:05:54 Children at party, close shots. 01:05:57 Germans gathered on street, looking off screen. 01:06:06 Children eating, kindergarten. 01:06:11 Leica factory, various shots, INTs, workers, microscopes, lenses. 01:07:12 Pestalozzi Froebel Haus Kindergarten: children playing with wooden toys. 01:07:20 Horse and carriage, EXT palace (Potsdam?), tourists in FG, nuns. 01:07:45 Cathedral, pedestrian traffic, automobiles, bus. "Luther-Haus" civilians. Scenic views of the river. LSs, EXTs buildings. 01:08:24 Hang gliding. 01:08:48 Airplanes, one says "Gustav Leffers", men cleaning EXT, wings. 01:09:03 Countryside, model village, German civilians walking. 01:09:28 BDM girls with flowers, gardening. 01:09:38 Peasant farming, German family, hay. 01:10:09 [water damage to film] Queue for anti-Bolshevik exhibition. Pan, WS, building, sign across top of building, crowds lined up. 01:10:57 INT, degenerate art exhibition, DaDa inscription. Sign on EXT of building: "Entartete Kunst." Visitors entering and exiting the building. CUs, INTs, art, patrons, "Nehmen Sie Dada Ernst" on wall. Art, caricatures. 01:12:27 BDM girls, walking on country road with flag, various shots, resting, eating from canteens, reading. 01:13:32 Boat in river. 01:13:39 LS freight train, railroad tracks around mountainside. Vineyard. 01:14:18 Farming. 01:14:20 Drilling with sledgehammers on hill, smokestacks in BG. 01:15:05 Boat, LS, cathedral on riverbank. 01:15:12 Kayakers. 01:15:14 INTs, women take lessons for cooking, changing diapers, medicine. Women with kerchiefs looking over crib. 01:16:32 LS, town, houses, apartments, trees. 01:16:53 Family playing cricket. Baby in carriage. In yard, husband and wife gardening, picking flowers, hoeing. 01:17:25 Giant pipelines. Boys running in woods. Digging for pipeline, wheelbarrows, calisthenics. Geo-political lecture on hillside in Bavarian Alps. CUs, boys. Swimming. 01:19:18 Tobacco farming. 01:19:19 Autobahn, trucks. 01:19:37 Tobacco farming. 01:19:40 CU, "Juden sind hier unerwuenscht" sign appears in two views along road. 01:19:51 Totem pole. 01:19:53 Autobahn with trucks, high shots. 01:20:12 Castle ledge. 01:20:13 Cathedral 01:20:20 Marching band parading. MS, men & women marching in street, bridge in BG. "Niederlander..." sign. Crowd boarding "Hindenburg" ferry. Luggage, CUs. 01:21:07 Leica factory. 01:21:09 Sequence of Goldschmidt School, showing Margot at the blackboard writing Hebrew with her teacher, Margot Segall slides board up. Other familiar faces include Trudi Goldschmidt Thompson. Pupils at desks, recess outside, playing, entering school - MSs and CUs. Pupils at desks, Margot goes to chalkboard again.

Film Title
Nazi Germany #20
Event:  1937
Berlin, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Julien Bryan Archive
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:03:26
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