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1948 short fiction film by Karl Sztollar

Film | Accession Number: 2003.213 | RG Number: RG-60.7215 | Film ID: 3075

Title "Eine Tür Steht Offen"
Credits: Helios-Film Wien
Directed by Karl Sztollar
Pictures by Julius Jonak
Music by Robert Stolz

Window opens to the sky. Title card reads “Eine Tür Steht Offen.” Credits over sky. Open car full of young people driving on a winding road through the hills. Two men, a woman, and a dog in the car. View out the windshield of the car. CU Smiling woman with her arm around the man. Car stops, young people pile out and run up some stairs. Scenic overlook with tables set up. Young people admire the view. Pan over the view of the city.

2:22 Young people having a picnic beside their car. Woman turns on their radio, grabs the sunglasses of her companion, and stands. She begins talking about the United States and New York City. Animation begins of New York City buildings and trains as the woman gives voiceover. City by the beach seen from distance. Animation of Hollywood, showing a camera crew filming on a beach. Images of Hollywood stars, Ronald Colman, Ginger Rogers, Bing Crosby, and Greta Garbo. Animation ends.

3:33 CU Young woman speaking. Young people discussing the United States by their car. EXT “USA INFORMATION CENTER'' building with American flags. View of the city of Linz. “UNITED STATES INFORMATION CENTER'' building on a street corner with a traffic officer in front. View of the city of Salzburg. “U.S. INFORMATION CENTER'' building with people standing out front. “U.S. INFORMATION CENTER'' building in Vienna. People exiting the building and walking under a sign with an American flag that reads “VEREINIGTE STAATEN.” Men look at a display labeled “WÄHLT DAS VOLK DER USA EINEN PRÄSIDENTEN.” Many people seated at tables covered with newspapers and books in a reading room. CU Older woman reading a newspaper. CU American magazines and newspapers including the New York Times, Life, and Seventeen. Arts and Architecture magazine. Medical journals. Art, theatre, music, photo magazines etc. Sportfolio magazine. Bookshelves full of books. People reading at tables. A woman combs her hair while looking at a picture of Rita Hayworth in a magazine. American books in English and German. A woman walking out the door holding a book.

6:19 EXT A seated middle-aged woman reads a book. A man reading. A young woman lying on the grass reading. Two boys point at a car driving past. The two boys go to the U.S. Information Center. The woman attendant finds them a magazine about Abraham Lincoln, but the boys want to know about the Lincoln car manufacturer. She finds them a different magazine and the boys thank her. “AMERIKANISCHE STUNDE” poster. Man taking measurements with a compass from a book when a woman (his wife?) puts her arm around him and shows him a magazine. The woman looks disappointed and the man returns to his measurements.

8:07 Cover of Architectural Forum Magazine of Building. CU Flipping through the magazine. Industry and machinery. Mechanical Engineering journal. Man laughs at what he is reading in the crowded reading room. Man holding a cane enters and talks to the attendant. CU Landwirtschaftliche Nachrichten aus den Vereinigten Staaten newspaper. House & Garden, Better Homes and Garden, and Good Housekeeping magazines. The attendant references a New York telephone book for a woman. Animation of a map of the United States with the Statue of Liberty. Montage of images of the United States begins. Skyscrapers. Cattle grazing. Mountain. Grand Canyon. Capitol building. Hoover Dam. Golden Gate Bridge. Industrial area. Riverboat. Alma Mater sculpture in New York City. American servicemen in an amphitheatre. Medical professionals. Beach. City. Map of the United States surrounding a map of Austria. Map of Austria with coats of arms. Coat of arms of Austria. “Ende” card.

11:44 Sequence repeats.

Production:  1948
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Julien Bryan Archive
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:44:06
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