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Edited film sequence documenting war destruction and rebuilding of life in postwar Poland

Film | Accession Number: 2003.214 | RG Number: RG-60.7213 | Film ID: 3072

EXT Camera pans across trees against the sky and then down across a cemetery. Flowers with damaged buildings in the BG. King John III Sobieski monument. CU Face of a bearded statue.

01:06 EXT Woman in black sitting on a park bench. Lit candles with a brick wall and image of the cross in the BG. Flowers. Title card reads “POWROT DO ZYCIA.” [Return to Life]. CU Street lamp. Polish soldier missing a leg and using crutches walks up a dark street. Concentration camp survivor? in striped uniform with a knapsack walks up a dark street. Street scenes of ruined buildings. Birds flying in ruins. A woman feeds the birds on the ruined street. A goat nurses her kid with a bombed out building in the BG. In the ruined street a man hoists a bucket. A little boy stacks tiles. Multiple shots of men laying bricks, shoveling, and sawing. A bucket being hoisted up. Men on scaffolding. Building with scaffolding. Finished building without scaffolding.

04:43 EXT Women sunbathing. Man diving off a high dive. Swimmers jumping in a pool. Splashing in the pool. Little girls playing with a small watering can in the pool. Many people jogging by the pool, hills in the distance. People splashing in the waves. A dog swimming. People playing in the waves with a beach and building in the BG. A building with the sign “DOM-GORNIKA” behind bushes and trees. Men playing with a ball on the beach. A woman running after the ball as it rolls away. Women walking past netting. Sequence repeats.

06:42 Train passing, people waving. CU Wheels of train. CU Women with their heads out the windows of the train. Hills and countryside, the train is passing. Man with a camera among trees, people run by behind him. People in bathing suits running on a path through the trees to a small lake. Running and splashing in the water. A woman pulling herself out of the water. A windmill and tree silhouetted against fog.

Event:  1948
Event:  1948
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Julien Bryan Archive
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:44:06
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