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Duisburg Nazi Party members go to Nuremberg for Reichs Party Day

Film | Accession Number: 2009.358.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4907 | Film ID: 2883

Title: "Mit der Ortsgruppe Duisburg-Süd zum Reichsparteitag Nürnberg 1935". Second title reads: "Schmalfilmaufnahmen von Hans Vosskamp" Nazi Party members from Duisburg-South go to Nuremberg for the 1935 Reichs Party Day. The men, dressed in uniform, gather on the platform in a train station (Duisburg?), in good spirits, conversing, purchasing refreshments from a vendor, smoking. 01:01:46 Brief shot of a cameraman. Men with packs march past the camera. View of the passing German countryside from the train window. Marching band parades in Fuerth, a few spectators line the streets. LS, building marked "Gau Standquartier Essen." Pedestrians in the street. CU, handmade sign, "Quartier Ortsgruppe Dbg. Süd!" INT, men in their sleeping quarters - many cot mattresses line the floor with barely any room to walk. Eating and celebrating outdoors, some men wear little party hats, drinking beer, smoking, laughing, canteens. A toddler lines up with the men in uniform for soup. 01:05:11 Street scenes/crowds in Nuremberg, shops decorated for the festivities, newspaper stand, swastika banners, men in uniform with Nazi armbands. 01:05:55 A park in Fuerth. Five uniformed men toast beverages at a small table in the park, CUs, women join them. More people walk through the park, including Johannes Vosskamp at 01:07:14 walking alone. Women in the street, some dressed in traditional garb. 01:07:41 Large crowd gathered in a city square, swastika flags on flagpoles. Officer with rifle in guard-station, others salute as they enter an important building. Changing of the guards. Band (seen from behind) plays music for the crowd. Civilians and Nazi Party members gather in the streets for the Reichs Party Day celebration. 01:09:25 Preparing for the Fuehrer's arrival. Open cars pull up to the entrance of the Hotel Deutscher Hof near the Opera House in Nuremberg, and party officials exit the car and enter the building. Military soldiers line the street. 01:09:57 Spectators (from behind) raising their arms as Hitler passes quickly in an open car. Parade continues with military marching, open cars with important officials passing by quickly, a marching band, and other soldiers. They march past a sign "SS Biwak" with an arrow pointing to the right, photographer in lederhosen in the FG. Nazi officials in a hotel window/balcony. Marching band on horseback. View from behind of spectators on ladders. 01:11:50 "der Fuehrer kommt" Hitler parades by, standing in an open car. Group portrait of the Nazi Party members from Duisburg-South. High angle view of a train station.

Johannes Vosskamp's brother Willy appears in some scenes.

Event:  1935
Nuremberg, Germany
Fuerth, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Peter, Ralph, and Edith Liebner
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:22
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