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World War I soldiers and families travel to Wesel for an SA march and celebration

Film | Accession Number: 2009.358.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4953 | Film ID: 2893

Decorated title in German: "Vereinsfilm aufgenommen durch Fr. Jasper Text von H. Vosskamp" followed by the main title card: "Kameradschaft Duisburg der ehem. Angehoerigen des 3 Oberelsäss. Inftr.-Regiments 172 FAHRT INS BLAUE mit dem Salondampfer 'Deutschland' am Sonntag, dem 13 August 1933 vorm 7:10 Uhr ab Mühlenweide, Ruhrort". Another title card indicating the program, whereby guests will depart from Muehlenweide at 7:30 AM on a "Journey into the Blue" and debark for a march of SA men to the fortifications [in Wesel].

Comic illustration of an early rise from bed at 5 AM. Man opens apartment windows and gestures to a woman below. Cut to Duisburg harbor where a large group of former soldiers of the 172nd Regiment from World War I and their families board a ship with Nazi flags. The crowd mingles and one man holds an umbrella decorated with inscriptions (similar to the kind of information found on the earlier title card). People wave. Trucks in field, one with "Brauerei Böllert A.G. Duisburg" on the side and another with "Trinkt Degerma-Milch!", unloading provisions for the journey. LS, group boarding the docked ship at Duisburg harbor. CU, ship name 'Deutschland'. INTs, boat, with CUs of the faces of day-trippers (men, women, and children) seated at tables, then leaning out the windows. The group deboards in Wesel, some carrying small swastika flags, one man in SA-uniform, and almost all of them with white circular tour pins/stickers affixed to their clothing. 01:06:14 Margarete Vosskamp (nee Clas, the donor's mother) appears on the left with two other women in a white jacket with a black collar and no hat.

01:06:39 Parade of SA men to the fortifications of Wesel, mix of well-dressed civilians, children, and military. Johannes Vosskamp in a black suit (plain clothes) at 01:06:47 just before the boy with a swastika flag; Alfred Vosskamp (the donor's older brother) at left, marching with a black Nazi flag at 01:06:55. One child holds a placard reading, "... 172er Duisburg". Drum corps and more marching, including Johannes Vosskamp at 01:07:48. 01:08:18 Wider shot of the group parading, led by children, then horses with decorated carts. A tour guide addresses the group from the fort's citadelle, with Johannes behind the man giving a speech. They enter the historical fortification, then march through the city.

01:10:10 Sign, "Herzlich Willkommen ehem. 172er" with the old German flag and a Nazi swastika. CU, decorated WWI veteran. The group lunches at outdoor picnic tables, laughing, smoking, resting in a park. 01:11:30 A man performs for the camera wearing funny glasses and a fake nose and mustache, drinking beer at a small table. More of the group at leisure, playing soccer, smoking, stepping over a wire fence, and posing for the camera in a group (some bare-chested). VCU, part of the group departs around a corner. A jolly group of children race by, play with a stuffed bird and noisemakers (some shots out of focus), and engage in playground amusements. Two couples drink mugs of beer, Edith (the donor, blonde girl) with other children and a bald man, and five men sing a song. Ends abruptly.

Film Title
Fahrt ins Blaue
Event:  1933 August 13
Duisburg, Germany
Wesel, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Peter, Ralph, and Edith Liebner
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:46:20
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