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World War I veterans parade in the Saarland

Film | Accession Number: 2009.358.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4956 | Film ID: 2895

MS, multiple takes of men and women gathered around a tour bus (picture quality is poor), a man sells souvenirs (this could be another day-trip taken by the WWI veterans from the 172nd Regiment from Duisburg). Side view of Weidemann and his wife at a cafe table. The tour makes a short stop in Trier for repairs. Roll call in a field in Saarlouis, Germany. Bundesfuehrer Vorwald and other officials are greeted (after the Saar was reintegrated into the German Reich in 1935). Vorwald raises the regiment flag, then raises his arm before a large crowd, also heiling. Parading in Saarlouis with swastika flags and a band. Pan of a group of elated men, women, and children, followed by a group of veterans celebrating, posing for the camera. A group of German Navy veterans from WWI gathered in the streets, waiting. 01:03:54 View from behind of Vorwald and the decorated WWI men in a city square, they turn to the camera, and men begin to march in the BG. Quick shots of the atmosphere in Saarlouis before the Fahnenkompanie marches with regiment flags, past a sign on the side of a building reading, "Der 172er Ortsgruppe Wiesbaden". Others (some in civilian dress) march past a reviewing stand, saluting the decorated officials, some holding placards. Closer, more candid and intimate shots of a group of men and women, standing in the street, gesturing, having fun, followed by similar takes of another group, introduced as their comrades from Wuppertal, including a couple dancing and a man on crutches. 01:06:24 MS, the chief of the Duesseldorf 172nd veterans group, Hans Meissner, shakes hands with Kubi from Pfalz. Another group of men gathered with flags and a placard. Quick stop to visit the Rhine River as the group heads home by bus, with individuals walking up stairs, waving, and waiting to board the bus.

Event:  Summer 1935?
Saarland, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Peter, Ralph, and Edith Liebner
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:46:20
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