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World War I soldiers celebrate Regiments' Day in Dusseldorf

Film | Accession Number: 2009.358.1 | RG Number: RG-60.4908 | Film ID: 2884

Title: "Der 8. Regimentstag des Bundes ehem. 172er am 28-30 Juli 1934 in Düsseldorf". Second title frame reads: "Film Aufnahmen von Hans Vosskamp Fritz Jasper". Animated cards and titles throughout. Two men holding a sign before a newspaper kiosk on a city street. Former soldiers of the 172nd Regiment from World War I gather in the city streets. Street scenes with pedestrians, bicyclists, shops ("Wolsdorff Hamburg" tobacco shop; "Hotel Niesen") as the group walks to their lodge. The men gather in front of a building entrance; others from Aachen beside an automobile. A few men have Nazi armbands. Shots of the group walking in a city street. Drawings by Karl Prasse suggest that several of the party goers seemed to have "recovered" from the party in the park overnight. Paraders with musical instruments, flags, and wreaths pass by, including women in civilian dress. More shots of the parade on a different city street. Long line of men in suits with tophats, passing a theater showing the best of the world's attractions with a double-feature Apollo variety show/festival. Closer views of the men. CU, wreath on grave in a cemetery where some WWI comrades were buried, ribbon with a swastika. Men paying respects in the cemetery, heiling, an official memorial service in front of a large monument, commemoration attended by men, women, and children. 01:08:25 Extreme closeup of two men (Johannes Vosskamp on the right) having a conversation. CU, older man (an important colonel?). Three women lean against a car, the man in the drivers' seat stands up and uses a cane. 01:09:14 Johannes Vosskamp on the left leaning on the car (with license plate beginning with IZ) and talking to someone in the backseat. Men congregate in front of restaurant, with the decorated comrade Vorwald (?) at right. More CUs of the group, some in uniform, some women (visual quality deteriorates). INT, several women chatting on their return from the cemetery in a special car (rail or tram?). A photograph of the oldest surviving member of the group. 01:11:08 Vosskamp (on the right, not in uniform) talking to Kurt Freiherr von Hammerstein-Equord on the street; more close shots of several uniformed men. MS, group of uniformed men marching. CU, two men, introduced as Schriftfuehrer Schuchardt and Ziegler, followed by the chief of the Duesseldorf group, Meihsner, entering a room, sitting at a table, reviewing documents alone and then with another gentleman. They enter a garden through a wooden picket fence (his home?), Meihsner limps. Quick ECU of Meihsner.

01:13:14 Unrelated sequence of two girls playing in a stream (could be the film leader).

Event:  1934 July 28
Dusseldorf, Germany
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Peter, Ralph, and Edith Liebner
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:22
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