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Alex Frieder and family visit tobacco plantations and workers in the provinces

Film | Accession Number: 2013.25.1 | RG Number: RG-60.1447 | Film ID: 2965

A Filipino man riding a water buffalo takes Alex Frieder for a ride in a cart pulled by the buffalo. Tobacco field, possibly in the Cagayan Valley and other provinces in the Philippines. Native Filipino men stand before bamboo hut. Alex inspects tobacco leaves for purchase. Alex talks with villagers. Locals show him how to row a bangka (an outrigger canoe) across a stream. 01:02:22 Village women squat and sort tobacco leaves. Wider view of the hut with a thatched roof. 01:03:04 Frieder gets a tour. INTs, women pound grain and tobacco leaves. 01:03:29 A woman (with a cigar) and her young child. 01:03:35 Automobile beside Mr. Macias' house (Macias was the general manager of the Habana Cigar Co.), Alex Frieder in the window. Local men carry Alex Frieder in a litter over the water to a boat. 01:04:22 Men talk in front of a house. Villagers slaughter a pig. 01:05:37 The Frieder children row an outrigger and swim in the ocean. 01:06:11 Market center in Baguio. Local men and women sell and trade goods. The Frieder family buys produce. Men in traditional bahags (loincloths). Young people pose for the camera. Locals congregate before an open market building in Baguio. 01:07:35 Another outrigger with Frieders, Alice in a hat. MS, views of a docked ocean cruiser. Cut to a Filipino woman walking ashore, laughing at the camera. Men break stones by the beach, and Alex Frieder tries to help.

Event:  1931-1932?
Baguio, Philippines
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Alice Frieder Weston
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:00:41
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