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Jewish community of Kastoria in 1937

Film | Accession Number: 2017.300 | RG Number: RG-60.0146 | Film ID: 4269

Title card: “Horpistah, Village Near Kastoria.”Color. People walk in the streets of Horpistah. Men pose for the camera. Outdoor merchants sell their wares. Goats, horses, donkeys, and other livestock. People tend to the livestock. Benjamin Honen, the town crier. Many people walk around at an outdoor market. A cobbler fixes shoes. Black and white. Fabric merchants pose for the camera. More market scenes. Josef Confino with tie.

Title card: “The Archbishop of Kastoria.” The Archbishop of Kastoria, surrounded by a small group, walks by.

Title card: “Picnic in Do-Pia-Koos.” A large group of people mill about in front of a backdrop of water and tall mountains, off the ferry from Kastoria. Many small wooden rowboats (Kastorian boats) in the water, with people standing along the shoreline. View of Kastoria from the opposite side of the lake. People are boarding a slightly larger boat, the Kastoria Ferry. Outdoor market, merchants, flea market. People sit at long picnic tables. Different groups of people pose for the camera. A young man rides a bicycle. A young soldier in uniform poses. Two women with parasols pose. A brass band plays. People dance the hora. Donkeys in a field. More people pose for the camera.

Title card: “Barbecue Luncheon at picnic given by Mr. and Mrs. Moshe H. Hazan in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Bocko Mayo.” The visiting group, amongst a crowd, walks towards the camera. The group standing in front of a man rotating a lamb carcass over a spit. Large group of people sitting and looking at the camera, or lounging on the grass, including Lea Confino, Moshiko, Anna Mayo’s sister, Sol Hazan, Allegra Elias. Pan of the large crowd. A band plays. EXT of a building with people posing in front and leaning out of their windows.

Title card: “Mr. and Mrs. Bocko Mayo paying their respect at cemetary before leaving Kastoria.” Large group of people at the cemetery. Two men, including Nonno Confino in striped suit, wave to the camera. The camera pans erratically as people stand around a coffin and then in a cemetery, some waving or tipping their hats.

Title card: “Mr and Mrs. Bocko Mayo leaving Kastoria.” Mr. and Mrs. Mayo stand on a dirt-paved road. He smokes a cigarette. Village in the valley of surrounding mountains. Coastline of Kastoria from the opposite side of the lake [brief black screen]. Fields with livestock. A farmer and his herd of goats on the road. Two women in white headscarves walk down the road.

Event:  April 14 to July 29, 1937
Kastoria, Greece
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Andrea Matza Grass
Record last modified: 2020-08-04 09:19:32
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