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Children at the Sephardic school in Kastoria

Film | Accession Number: 2017.300 | RG Number: RG-60.0147 | Film ID: 4269

Title card: “Kastorialies out to welcome Mr. & Mrs. Bocko Mayo on their arrival.” Large group of children, with adults in the back, walking towards the camera in an alleyway. More adults, great CUs. Many men, nicely dressed in suits and hats, including Calev Elias, Jack Elias, Russo, Sol Hazan. Mr. and Mrs. Bocko Mayo (with fur). Group shot, including Anna Mayo and Calev Elias. More shots of locals walking around and posing for the camera. Group poses in street, including Allegra Confino and the rabbi (with a fez). More street scenes.

Title card: “Mr. & Mrs. Bocko Mayo visiting children in school which they personally maintain and take care of.” On their second visit to the school, Anna and Bocko Mayo and other adults including Lena Elias, walking away from the school doors with a sign in Greek/Hebrew (Ladino), through two lines of school children. The children march in a circle in the school courtyard.

Title card: “Children having lunch in school yard.” Adults distribute lunch to the children, who are seated at a long picnic table. Color. The children eat. People look out from their windows. A crowd builds in the school courtyard. Children eating at tables. A woman in the courtyard extends a paper bag up to some people in their window and they take food out of it to eat. Women, including a dwarf, pose for the camera in the school courtyard.

Event:  April 14 to July 29, 1937
Kastoria, Greece
US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Andrea Matza Grass
Record last modified: 2020-02-04 10:38:46
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