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The Mayos visit relatives in Belgrade, travel on the SS Normandie, and celebrate at home in NY

Film | Accession Number: 2017.300 | RG Number: RG-60.0149 | Film ID: 4269

Title card: “Arriving at Solonika on way to Belgrade, Serbia.” Women, nicely dressed, pose for the camera at a train station in Greece. Anna Mayo and Calev Elias are in the group. People wave from the train windows. Some chat on the platform. The train departs. In different pairs, people walk towards the camera. Pan of station activity. Soldier in traditional garb walks down the street. Brief, donkeys in a field. Three men on the train platform.

Title card: “Visiting aunt and other relatives in Belgrade, Serbia.” A nurse holds a baby outside a residence. Anna Mayo greets the baby. The nurse shows off the baby in a carriage. A group, including Bocko and Anna Mayo, pose in a park in Belgrade. Kids in bathing suits. Two boys play fight on the beach. The kids swim and play in a swimming pool. The friends visit a park, sit on a bench, then walk towards the camera. They pose for the camera on a street in Belgrade. Anna Mayo shakes hands with one and they peck one another. Bocko and Anna Mayo take a horse-drawn carriage ride. The streets of Belgrade. A cow walks down the street. Outdoor marketplace, cognac factory, a street sweeper. Platform of a train station in Belgrade, the Mayos bid farewell. A man loads the Americans’ cargo onto the train. View of passing houses and countryside through the train window. [the family had a vineyard near Belgrade, and after the war, Lena Elias recuperated in Belgrade]

Title card: “Mr. and Mrs. Bocko Mayo, on board ship returning home. July 19th 1937.” Anna and Bocko walk on the deck of a ship, the SS Normandie. They sailed from Le Havre, France on July 29, 1937 and arrived in NYC on August 2, 1937. Title card: “The End.”

Title card: “Friends and Relatives Visiting Mr. & Mrs. Mayo On Their Arrival Home.” INTs, apartment at 140 Riverside Drive in New York, the large group of Kastorians gather, including Anna and Bocko at a table, smiling and holding up glasses in a toast, menorah in table center. Everyone clinks glasses and drinks. Joseph Confino with glasses (42:53), Esther and Henry Cohen, Oriel Matza (42:53 and 44:02), Harry Matza (42:59) [set-up the lights]. Anna passes a platter of food. The elders wave at the camera and drink. They talk, eat, and drink. Reflection of camera operator [family friend, Mr. Brownie] in the mirror. 45:11 Inside apartment, the Mayos host friends at a different occasion [menorah on sideboard]. They toast and eat grapefruits. Guests include Rabbi Uziel and his wife (45:31) and Lillian Matza (46:44). Reflection of camera operator with handheld camera in mirror (45:35).

Event:  April 14 to July 29, 1937
Salonika, Greece
Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Atlantic Ocean
New York, NY, United States
US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Andrea Matza Grass
Record last modified: 2020-02-04 10:38:45
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