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Cactus breeding; gymnast; skiing in Grinzing; boy plays with a telephone

Film | Accession Number: 2017.586.2 | RG Number: RG-60.1089 | Film ID: 4367

Lizzy-Film Produktion. "Heute Doppelprogramm" “Wochenschau Feber 1931” [Alice Kessler's amateur version of a weekly newsreel.] “Kakteenzucht Ziechentrick” “Sehr schnell waechst hier der Kaktus, die Pflege man verstehen muss.” A series of cactus graphics appear on screen, interspersed with film of live cacti. Cactus breeding.

01:02:05 “5 Minuten Akrobatik” “Ausgefuehrt von Frau Hilde Altmann Gymnastiklehrerin” “Aufgepasst!!” A woman performs a gymnastics routine indoors.

01:03:17 “Grinzing im Schnee” Passers-by carry wooden skis as they walk through the snowy streets of the Austrian city of Grinzing. “Winter im Garten” Snowy garden (brief). “Waldi Freut Sich” The Kessler Family's small dog (Waldi) frolics through the snowy garden. Hansi (Hans Otto Kessler) is bundled in winter gear and walks down the snowy street. He holds hands and maneuvers through the street with an older man (his father?). Passers-by carry wooden skis. “Hansi in Seinem Element” Hansi walks through the snow. A graphic of a skier along with German text, “Alles Lauft Ski”. Animated graphics of skiing. “Die Ski-Weise” MS, snowy ski hill. Five people ski down a hill holding hands. “Am Steilhang” More shots of the skiers.

01:07:39 “Aufnahmen: Frau Lizzi Kessler” [Lizzy (Alice) Kessler is the mother of Hans Otto Kessler.] “Hansi Beim Telephon. Hansi 2 ¼ Jahre” Hansi sits on a chair with the phone to his ear. “Halllooooo!” “Da Stimmt etwas Nicht!” Hansi continues to play with the phone with holds the speaker end of the device to his face; he is perplexed. “Hochinteressant” Hansi with the phone. ENDE

Event:  1931 February
Grinzing, Austria
Vienna, Austria
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of John Otto Kessler
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:46:51
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