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Two short amateur films featuring Hansi and the Kessler family pets; Hansi visits Schonbrunn zoo

Film | Accession Number: 2017.586.2 | RG Number: RG-60.1091 | Film ID: 4369

Lizzy Film Produktion. Mitglied des Klubs der Kinoamateure Oesterreichs. “Unsere Lieblinge” “HANSI” “2 ½ Jahre alt” “Sie leben wie Hund und Kat” “Wer ist er” “Bucht Buster Keaton” “Nicht Charlie Chaplin” “ER” Graphics of dogs. “Ruht Friedlich vor Seinem” “Weekendhaus” “Horch! Ein Geraeusch!” Animated dog, dog house. “Was ist denn da los?” Graphics of the dog and dog-house again. “Wutend!” The dog wags his tail while sitting in the dog house. A cat appears. “Die Streitlustige Nachbarin” “Sie!” “Animated cats standing on top of a building, hissing at the barking dog. “Auf einen wurf!” Cats hiss at barking dog. “Sehen wir uns die beiden in natura an” “zu ebener erde” Shifts to actuality film of Waldi in his dog house lined with hay. He jumps out of the dog house. “Und im ersten stock” Cats play in a small wooden structure. A mother cat bathes the kittens. “Bei der Malzeit” Four cats drink milk and play in a film camera carrying bag. Hans Otto Kessler (Hansi) plays with one of the cats. The cat is on his shoulder. Hansi holds and cuddles the cats.

01:04:34 “Aufgepasst!” “Hansi erzhalt eine Geschite!” Hansi sits in a rocking chair outdoors. “Eine Kleine Magenstaerkung?” CUs, Hansi in the rocking chair. “Waldi Freut Sich” Waldi, the daschund, runs around the yard. “Sein Leibgericht” Waldi sniffs the grass. “Ersatz fuer punktroller?” Waldi runs and rolls around in the grass. “Waldi will spazienen Gehen” Waldi plays in the yard with a man. “Hansi Arbeitet” Hansi sweeps with a broom. “Eine wichtige angelegenheit” “Gabelfruehstueck” Hansi sits on a blanket in the yard eating something. He tries to remove the cork from a bottle. “Kann nicht!” The child serves himself from the bottle and takes a sip. “Der Wein ist etwas sauer” Hansi eats and drinks. “Der Tierfreund” Hansi plays with the cats. He holds and cuddles them. The cats walk on a cushion. “Idyll” Hansi continues to play with the cats when Waldi, the daschund appears.

01:10:11 “Hansi in Schoenbrunn” The child goes to Schoenbrunn. “Zebras” Hansi observes the zebras and walks around with a man (possibly his father, Jakob). They hold hands. Hansi looks at the zebras. “Wisente” Shot from behind, Hansi looks at the bison. “Bison!” More shots of the bison. “Beim Schonbrunner” “Peppi.” Animated elephants running. Switches to footage of the elephants at the Schoenbrunn visited by Hansi. “Eisbar” Polar bear in cage. “Tiger” Tigers visible inside gate. “Der Loewe scheint sich zu langweilen” Graphics of a lion. Switches to footage of the female lions in the Schoenbrunn, yawning. “Auf Wiedersehen” ENDE

Event:  approximately 1931
Vienna, Austria
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of John Otto Kessler
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:46:51
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