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Hansi's first vacation (2 reels)

Film | Accession Number: 2017.586.2 | RG Number: RG-60.7198 | Film ID: 4538, 4539

FILM ID 4538: Teil I. Lizzy Film Produktion. Mitglied des Klubs der Kinoamateure Osterreichs. At a train station, men in uniform waving flags. The frame pulls back as if the filmmaker is on a train leaving the station. Image of a boat on the water being seen through binoculars. On a boat, Hansi is looking over the railing and waving to the camera. Hansi is joined by his Father. “Hansi’s erste Reise”. 01:01:31 “1931.” “I Teil." Hansi ist schon 2 1/2 jähre alt.” “Italien Sein Reisezeil" “Am Strand von Laurana” Homes by the large lake with mountains in the background. “Ausblick auf’s Meer” Footage of several small boats on the water. “Die Feisenkuste” Two men in a rowboat and a group of men and women are lounging on the rocks by the water. “Der Weg ins Bad.” “Die Strand Promenade” Hansi’s father and Hansi walking along a pathway and looking over the railing. 01:03:35 Hansi wearing a white hat playing in the water by the shore. “Nur Vorsicht!” Hansi standing in the water and sitting on the edge of the water. “Hansi Schwimmt” 01:04:46 Hansi playing in the water holding on to his Mother and then holding onto his Father in the water. “Ringelspiel” Hansi being spun in the water. “Im tiefen wasser” Hansi holding onto a rope and laughing. “Die Wasserratte” Hansi wearing a straw hat splashing in the water. “Die Sache wachst ihm uber den Kopf”. Hansi wearing a straw hat and playing in the water. Three women sitting in bathing suits in the water at the shore. Hansi walking up and down stone steps. “Hansi denkt an zu Hause.” 01:07:51 Hansi pointing to his forehead by the stone steps.Hansi holding a rock-like object in the water. A man sitting in shallow water and Hansi is splashing him. “Hier wird fotographiert.” Hansi is holding on to an object and playing with it. Woman doing a handstand in the water and a group of fellow swimmers watches. Hansi holding black bathing suit and playing in the water. “Vom Bad nach Haufe.” “Hansi macht sich’s bequem.” Hansi on his Father’s shoulders walking on boat, then walking along a pathway and up a set of stairs.

FILM ID 4539: Teil II. Handwritten titles in German: "Hansi erste Reise" “II. Teil.” “Nach Abbazia.” 01:00:18 Image of a large ship. People standing on a walkway/pier overlooking the water. A building is in the background. A boat sailing in the water. 01:00:32 Hansi and his Father walking and holding hands. A boat sails toward the dock. A man in a nautical uniform on the pier while the boat approaches. People sailing on a boat. “Im Kurpark von Abbazia.” Hansi walking with his Father along a tree lined pathway. Hansi runs towards the camera. “Kleine Rast” Hansi sitting on a bench with his Father eating ice cream. “Abbazia” “Hotel Quareno” 01:02:10 Large majestic hotel with mountains in the background. “Tanz Beim 5 Uhr Tee” Men in suits and women in dresses sitting at tables dining outdoors and dancing on a large patio overlooking the water. Hansi sitting at a table with his Father, who is wearing a striped suit jacket. “Aussicht von der Terrasse” Terrace over looking the water. “Motorskoring” Waterskier. “Mit der Kamera auf Mowenjagd.” Large homes overlooking the water and birds flying over the water. “Das Flugzeug Brioni-Fume” Seaplane landing on the water. “Auf Dem Dampfer” Hansi looking out on the water while riding in a boat. Hansi is standing on a bench and holding on to the railing. Hansi then wears his Father’s striped suit jacket. He is smiling and walks towards the camera.

01:06:05 “Wieder am Strand.” Hansi playing in the water and waving at the camera, wearing a straw hat. "Ein bisschen training.” Lizzy swimming in the water. “ In allen Lagen gerocht.” Hansi wearing a straw playing in the shallow water. Hansi holding on to a rope in the water and smiling at the camera. "Moskiena” 01:10:30 “In Medea.” Hansi throwing stones in the water. “Der Monte Maggiore” Footage of mountains. “Abendfrienden.” Hansi on a boat. View of the lake and sailboats on the water. Ende.

Vienna, Austria
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of John Otto Kessler
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