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Two short films: Hansi eats; Hansi grows up; amateur film equipment and studio; toys

Film | Accession Number: 2017.586.2 | RG Number: RG-60.7030 | Film ID: 4408

Lizzy Film Produktion. “Bei der Sause” Two people, possibly Jakob and mother, talk while a man eats with Hansi [Hans Otto Kessler]. Lizzy? (Hansi’s mother) sits down to eat. The family drinks coffee and breaks bread. “Wenn munt’re reden sie begleiten…” Hans learns how to cut bread. “Speck und jam passen gut zum kaffee” Hans feeds the man. “Die fetten bissen verschlingt der patterbom” The man with a mustache, possibly Lizzy’s father, cuts food for Hans. “Ende”

01:03:09 Lizzy Film Produktion “Dem leben eines” “Filmstars” “1 Teil” “Hansi beschӓftigt sich” “Die morgen lekture” “Hansi ist hier 21 monate alt” Hans at 21 months old. He knocks over a table. Waldi the dog walks by. “Eine nützliche beschӓftigung” Hans waters the plants. “Hansi’s Kletterschule” Hans takes on some big stairs. Crawling up and down them. “Und jetzt den garten kehren” “Opalalalala!” Hans walks around the garden with a sweep.

01:05:12 “2. Teil” “Hansi besteigt den kobenz” Hans walks behind a man. “Kaum koṁt der schattenfroh nach haus, lässt Hansi ihn schon nicht mehr aus” He follows the man down the path. “Der stocki-schirm-tanz fӓngt jetzt an, dann folgt das weitere program” Hans holds on to two umbrellas and dances around while his family watches. “Nun auf den kobenzl geschwind wo kühe, ziegen, hendeln sind.” Hans plays with another child. They hold hands. “Zarte annäherungsversuche” “Achtung grossaufnahme!” Hans is lifted into the kobenzl. “Adieu” Hans waves. “Ein fettfleck in der landschaft” A woman walks in front of a hilly landscape. “Pi-pi-pi-pi” Hans and a man feed some chickens. “Manchmal irrt sich hansi klein verliebt das brot sich selber ein.”Hans eats some of the bread meant for the chickens. Hans walks around. He hangs onto two umbrellas carried by a man. “Vor dem kuh-stall” Hans looks into a cow stall then walks around an outdoor seating area while holding a cane. “Noch schnell eine erfrischung” Hans walks with a man who is possibly his grandfather down some stairs then runs towards the camera. “Auf wiedersehen” Camera films the road while walking away.

01:10:00 “3. Tiel” “Die siesta” “Hans zaehlt schon 2 Jahre“ Hans plays in his bed with little toy horses. “Hansi im filmatelier” Hans plays around in the film studio. “Hansi putzt die leinwand!!” Hans paints on a canvas. “Auch die froschperspektive hat ihre reize” Hans sits like a frog. “Hansi interessiert die kamera” Hans checks out the other camera in the room. He then makes funny faces for the camera. “Hansi macht hokus pokus” Hans stands in front of the canvas waving around an object. “Hansi im bad” “Die wanne gleicht einem aquarium” Hans plays with his toys in the bath. “Vor dem christbaum” Hans looks through his presents in front of the Christmas tree. He finds a toy car and plays with it. “Sooo viel neues Spielzeug” Hans shows off some of his new toys. “Ende” Brief shot of water from a boat.

Event:  approximately 1930
Vienna, Austria
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of John Otto Kessler
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:02:48
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