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Ship SS France; Visiting Morocco and Spain

Film | Accession Number: 2016.520 | RG Number: RG-60.7137 | Film ID: 4480

With intertitles in English. “Europe and the North Coast of Africa, 1929. Before sailing on deck of ‘SS France’” Large group of well-dressed men and women gather on the deck of the SS France for a group shot. 1.11 Man leans on the railing looking out. Other groups of people gather for group shots, laughing and embracing each other. A final large group of people form a line, walking on the deck of the ship. 1:47 “Dropping the Pilot.” Overhead shot of a small paddle boat and shots of the open water. 2:18 “Advertising the races during 5 o’clock tea.” Men in uniform carry large cutouts of horses and riders on the deck. A well-dressed couple lounges in the sun. 2:57 “The deck-tennis tournament.” Shot of three simultaneous mixed games of deck tennis; others look on and smile and wave at the camera. 4:26 Shot of the smoke stacks on top of the deck; three girls lean against the railing. 4:35 more shots of the three games of deck tennis. 5:08 shot of the large letters hung on the upper deck reading “FRANCE” as people move about on the deck below. 5:18 “Professor Michaelou (BB) explains his art.” Professor Michaelou smiles and speaks with a woman in a row of lounge chairs.

5:36 “Teneriffe and Canary Islands- First sight of land.” Pan of the open water and hilly island. 6:34 “Looking down on the native village in Casablanca, Morocco.” Shot of roofs, people walk in front of the camera on the street. 6:54 “Street Scenes.” Men and women walk down the street carrying children and baskets. A man stands in front of a field, looking at the camera. 7:18 “Ruins of a Mosque outside the city.” Pan of the ruins. 7:39 “We meet a camel on the road between Casablanca and Rabat.” A man and a large camel stand in a field, a well-dressed woman nervously approaches. 8:03 “Afternoon tea in a former Fortress in Rabat.” Men and women are served tea in an outdoor courtyard, one woman holds a camera. 8:21 “Entrance to Sultan’s Garden and Palace.” A man stands outside of a gate while another man comes to meet him. A couple climb the steps up to the palace doors.

8:44 “Gibraltar- The Park of Edward VII.” Pan of the city and the coast. Woman stands next to a monument, looks into a cannon next to it. The same women walks through the park. Pan of the fence around the park. 9:47 “The English Boundary.” A man passing by salutes the camera, soldiers in uniform cross the street. A horse and carriage ride by. 10:03 “No Man’s Land.” Shot of a field, horses and carriages. 10:21 “The Spanish Frontier.” A group of men talk with the coachman of a horse-drawn carriage. A soldier stands in front of another horse-drawn carriage driving by in front of the mountain. 10:44 “Street Scenes and a ‘Bull Ring’ in Linea, Spain.” Groups of children wave to the camera in front of a carriage. Man and woman stand in the center of the bull ring. Young boy riding a mule on the street. 11:25 “A British Warship and ‘SS New York’ before the Rock of Gibraltar.” Shots of the two large ships near the coast.

Event:  1929
Atlantic Ocean
North Africa
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Arthur Schleifer, Jr.
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 21:56:31
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