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Visiting Vienna and Budapest; wedding

Film | Accession Number: 2016.520 | RG Number: RG-60.7140 | Film ID: 4483

With intertitles in English. “Villach- on Austrian Border.” Woman walks around a parked car to the passenger door. 0:16 “Main Street of the Town near the Railway Station.” Busy street with people and carts passing by. 0:32 “On the way to Vienna.” Shot of a train station with sign reading “Judenburg.” 0:48 Shot of a train station with a sign reading “Knittelfeld.” People and a small dog pass in front of the camera.

1:06 “Vienna- The Ringstrasse- Before the Hotel Bristol.” Large Avenue with many people walking by. 1:20 “Some of the Gang Leave Us.” Group of well-dressed people smile and wave to the camera. 1:48 Man in comical hat waves to the camera. 1:57 “The Gardens at Schoenbrunn (Emperor Francis Joseph’s Summer Palace).” Two well-dressed women pose in front of expansive gardens; men behind them work on the landscaping. 2:18 “The Palace, Drill Court and Imperial Stables.” Pan of the palace, the two well-dressed women walk in the distance and other families walk around the pavilion. 2:50 “In a Fiacre on the way to Kobenzl.” Well-dressed woman in a horse-drawn carriage. 3:15 Shot of the forest, buildings in the distance. 3:21 “Lunching on the Terrace of the Kobenzl Hotel.” Well-dressed woman sits at a table on a sunny terrace; others take their seats behind her. 3:40 “In Baden bei Wein.” Horse-drawn carriage passes by; a woman waves to the camera. 3:52 “On the Reisenrad in the Prater (Vienna’s Coney Island).” Well-dressed woman smiles and laughs to the camera. Shots of the city below from the top of the Ferris wheel. 4:38 Monkeys play and climb on trees and wooden structures.

5:11 “The City Park in Budapest-Hungary.” “Before the Statue of Crown Prince Rudolf.” Well-dressed man and woman pose in front of the statue of the crown prince; they get into a car. 5:33 “On the steps of Saint Stephen’s Church- Awaiting the exit of the Wedding party.” Two lines on either side of the church door; a well-dressed man and woman towards the camera, stand outside a car decorated with flowers. 5:51 a man in uniform on a white horse on a busy street. 6:03 “The Bridal Procession and Guests.” Large group of people greet the bride, groom and wedding party as they exit the church. 6:42 “Parliament Building.” Well-dressed man and woman pose for the camera in front of a large fountain. 6:53 “Bridge across the Danube uniting Buda and Pest.” Views of Budapest, the bridge over the Danube. Men and a woman get into a car. 7:24 “The Imperial Palace and Gardens.” Views of the Palace, well-dressed woman walks towards the camera. 7:53 “On St. John’s Mountain near Empress Elizabeth’s Memorial Tower.” Views of Budapest and the Danube. 8:05 “The Sulphur Springs at St. Margaret’s Island.” CU of well-dressed woman in front of the springs. 8:18 “Views of the Austrian Tyrol from a moving train.” Views of the countryside, mountains, small villages.

Event:  1929
Vienna, Austria
Budapest, Hungary
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Arthur Schleifer, Jr.
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:00:30
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