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Journey continues in Konstanz, Zurich, and Paris; Family celebrations; Onboard the SS New York returning to America

Film | Accession Number: 2016.520 | RG Number: RG-60.7141 | Film ID: 4484

With intertitles in English. “On the boat to Konstanz- Germany- scenes along the Bodensee.” Scenes of the town and seagulls from the water. 0:23 “The Insel Hotel and Gardens at Konstanz.” Shots of swans, other birds in the water. Well-dressed woman walks around the courtyard of the hotel.

1:13 “Scenes in Zurich- Switzerland.” Views of Zurich and the mountains behind it. 1:22 “The University.” Views of the University, city behind it and a busy, snowy street. A man directs traffic as a streetcar passes in front of the camera. 1:42 “The Garden of the Hotel Baur au Lac.” Well-dressed woman walks along a manicured garden.

1:53 “Paris.” Views of La Madeleine, la Place de la Concorde, L’arc de Triomphe at the end of the Champs Elysees. Views of families, children in a park. 2:24 Large group of children sit in the park and watch a puppet show. CU of L’arc de Triomphe. View from underneath the Eiffel Tower. Views of the Seine River. Views of the Louvre. Views of Church Saint-Germin-l’Auxerrois. Views of l’Opera Garnier. CUs of the façade of the Opera. Views of busy boulevards, cafes. Men walk around with sandwich signs in a park. Busy street views. 4:00 “A week-end in La Champagne.” A group of well-dressed women laugh and do the can-can in front of the camera. Several men and dogs follow them off screen. A man leap-frogs over a line a women. CUs of a woman laughing and drinking from a bottle. CUs of couples laughing, kissing and posing for the camera. 5:34 “At the ‘Fours des Trois Rois’ on the Seine.” Group of men and woman seated at a table drink, smoke and sing for the camera. 6:04 “A drive to Moret and the ensuing Gayety.” Men and women in a car smile and wave to the camera as they drive off. Group of well-dressed men and women eating pastries walk towards the camera on a busy street. Views of a church, river. The group does the can-can along the banks of the river. 6:56 “Trianon- Versailles.” Two women walk around the gardens of Versailles.

7:34 “Monique and Henri at their Villa in St. Cloud.” CUs of young children playing with a ball. 8:54 The whole family poses for the camera.

9:27 “’Louise Wins’ (A Sketch) Gentlemen seeking diversion… Bob. Two Girl Friends… Alice and Miram. The Gigolo… Saul. Last but not least… Louise herself. And the Cameraman and Director. Arthur.” Two well-dressed women sit at a picnic table with a man, drinking. The man kisses one of the women, another woman enters and scares them away with an umbrella. She sits at the table, shaking her head. Another man joins her.

9:58 “Home on the SS New York.” Views of the ship, ocean, and another ship in the distance from the SS New York. A well-dressed woman sits on the deck, plays a game with another man. They sit at a small table and play tennis. View of the ship. 12:09 “Finis.”

Event:  1929
Zurich, Switzerland
Paris, France
Konstanz, Germany
Atlantic Ocean
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Arthur Schleifer, Jr.
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 21:56:12
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