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Americans visit family in Vienna, 1930

Film | Accession Number: 2016.520 | RG Number: RG-60.7143 | Film ID: 4486

Pan of well-dressed men and women seated and eating at dining tables on an outdoor patio. View of a city below them. 00:50 Pan of an ornate fountain and swimming pool. People wade in the water, a man slides down a waterslide. 1:27 Views of a large crowd of people in bathing suits. A well-dressed woman in the foreground. People mill about on the beach and in the water. 1:54 Views of a crowded outdoor café.

2:18 Pan of a gated building, perhaps an apartment. Three well-dressed people pose for the camera in front of the gate. The three walk in a garden towards the camera and pose for the camera at an outdoor table. 2:58 A man twirls a cane on a balcony, the two women stand behind him. 3:11 A man picks fruit from a tree, eats it. Views of the exterior of a house. The women enter onto the balcony; the three of them walk down the steps leading to the garden. They all smile and laugh, posing for the camera.

4:11 Views of the exterior of the opera house in Vienna. City activity, cars, buses and people pass by in the street. 4:33 Pan of another crowded outdoor café. Busy street scenes, well-dressed people walking. View of the street below from a balcony, a sign on a building reads “Grand Cafe Wien” Views of upscale buildings in Vienna. More street scenes, two women eat ice cream bars. 6:53 Pan of a large boulevard and upscale apartment buildings and shops above, horse-drawn carriages and buses and people pass in front of the camera.

8:10 Parade, including some men in uniform, march down a busy street, others look on from the sidewalk or their apartments. A marching band accompanies them. 9:00 Views of two well dressed women standing in the doorway of a building observing, a sign next to them reads "Puppenhaus" and “Quisisana.” Views from the same aforementioned balcony of the street below. 9:28 Views of an outdoor café, pan of the patio filled with diners as waitresses in white aprons walk about.

Event:  1930
Vienna, Austria
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Arthur Schleifer, Jr.
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 21:56:56
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