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Touring Northern Spain and the French riviera

Film | Accession Number: 2016.520 | RG Number: RG-60.7138 | Film ID: 4481

With intertitles in English. Shots from up above of the coast and a village below. 0:41 “Cathedral of Notre Dame de la Garde at Marseilles- France.” Shots of the cathedral, two fashionably-dressed women pose and smile for the camera in front of the beach. 1:02 “In the Courtyard of a former Count’s Estate.” The same two women and a man stand before a building with a large rose window. 1:19 “Hotel D’Angleterre in Biarritz.” A well-dressed woman and man exit the Hotel D’Angleterre and walk around the gardens. 2:00 “A drive to St. Jean Pied de Port.” Shot of a flowing river. Car stopped on the side of the road, two women inside. Two men light cigarettes outside the car. Entrance into the town, sign reads “St. Jean Pied de Port.” Pan of houses and narrow streets. A car passes through an old stone underpass and the two women then pose underneath it. A boy poses with a cattle cart, one of the women joins them. The three of them sit at a table outside of a restaurant. Shots of the street, the houses, passing bicyclists and people. 4:04 “On the Way to St. Jean de Luz.” Shots of the port, people offload two small boats.

4:25 “Crossing into Northern Spain.” Three men pose on the street with a car. Two women and a man walk down the steps of a building towards the camera. 4:46 “San Sebastian- Alfonso’s Summer Home.” Two women walk away from, and then towards the camera on the boardwalk. Children play ball in front of them. Shots of the coast. People walking on the road. 5:45 “Returning to Biarritz we stop at St. Jean de Luz and get hysterical over poster advertising the warm climate of San Sebastian.” Two women and a man smile and wave in front of a poster of a woman in a bathing suit. 6:05 “Views of Biarritz.” Coastal views, tide coming in. A couple walks in a garden. Pans of the cathedral, city and coast. People walk across a wooden bridge. Man and woman stand in front of the beach and enter a cave. Shots of the tide coming in. A woman in a bathing suit lounging on the sand. Woman poses in front of advertisements. 9:04 “Departing from Biarritz.” Man and woman look out from a train car.

9:29 “The Indo-Chine Cemetery of the World War Dead near St. Raphael.” Horse-drawn carriage. People stand outside of a small, Chinese-inspired building. Pan of the cemetery, a horse-drawn carriage and ruins. A woman walks around the ruins. 10:41 “Views of St. Raphael on the Riviera.” Three children: one playing the accordion, another on stilts and the third dancing. Shot of the beach. 11:11 “Cannes- The Yacht Basin.” Shots of sailboats. 11:19 “Hotel Gonnet et de la Reine on the Ocean Promenade.” A woman walks out of an upscale looking building, sign reads “Restaurant.” Shots of the promenade, palm trees and cars driving by from an overlooking window. A woman poses on the balcony. 11:58 “Courtyard of a Perfume Factory in Grasse.” Man and woman walk towards the camera in a tree-lined courtyard, a fountain in the distance. 12:15 “Shore and Hotels and Palm Beach Casino in Cannes.” Shots of the beach, a woman poses in front of the façade of the casino.

Event:  1929
Marseilles, France
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Arthur Schleifer, Jr.
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 21:56:31
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