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Operation Annie - December 5, 1944

Recorded Sound | RG Number: RG-91.0500

0:01: News for the population of Rhineland: Max Weber was sentenced by the local court to 7 moths in jail because he first refused to take in women and children who had been fleeing from the Rhineland into his spacious stables.
0:25: Eisenhower requests foreign workers in the Third Reich to leave their work to hide somewhere and try to take part in the resistance against the German government. The ministry of Propaganda doesn’t take Eisenhower’s decree seriously, because exceedingly few foreign workers are able to leave their work and take part.
0:46: The court in Hamburg has sentenced Dr. Albert Will (industrial magnate) to death, he said: We might be able to avoid a new 1918, but then we will have to deal with a new 1923 for sure. The court said that a comparison to the inflation from 1923 is very dangerous in times of total warfare.
1:22:The domestic political situation is getting has intensified (where exactly?), an authority reports that a theological authority was forced to revive two more communists.
1:37:10.000 Germans and 5.000 Italians are still on the island Crete, they have successfully withdrawn from Hiraklien and are now defending themselves in the north western corner of the bay of Luda.
1:55: As announced the majors of the three scenic most beautiful towns (Rothenburg, Nürtlingen and Hiefenbühl (?)) in southern Germany fight against the decision that important military departments should be relocated into their towns. The three cities haven’t been severely affected by terror so far and fear that they might have the same fate as Ahrens if departments that are important for warfare are being relocated there.
2.22:People who host Rhineland refugees from the area around Jülich, Mönchengladbach etc. have to report their guests to the authorities because these groups of evacuees are under suspicion of epidemics.
2:29:Music: folk music about the Rhineland (how beautiful the area around the Rhine is…)
6:10:piano and bowed instruments
9:34:1212 is speaking: in the last 24 hours the Americans have occupied the following areas: Röhr-area: Röhrdorf, Flossdort, Linnich; in the area around Düren: Linden and Ducheberg; Merchen and Langewehe: enemy artillery fire: Brandenburg and Werkstein are occupied by the US; a third of the city Saarlautern has been evacuated by the defense forces; Rehlingen and Niederlindberg had to be evacuated as well
10:32: Music

0:06: Announcing names of directly threatened cities: In the Saar area: Farbschweiler, Niederfink, Ballering, Betring, Domkessel and Ebering. In the area around Düren the towns Merchen and Langerwehe were taken under enemy artillery fire.
0:30-9:36: Music
9:37: Yesterday shortly after it got dark outside strong associations of 4-motor bombers were attacking Karlsruhe and Heilbronn
9:48-10:00: 1212 announces end of program for today (broadcasting every day from 12-6, every full hour)
10:05-13:46: Music

1944 December 05
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:00:05
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