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Operation Annie - January 21, 1945

Recorded Sound | Digitized | RG Number: RG-91.0521

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    Operation Annie - January 21, 1945


    TRACK 1
    0:00: Good morning. Every morning at this time Radio 1212 broadcasts a summary of events in the West, reports from the Front and the Homeland, and important news for soldiers on the Front and civilian residents of towns near the Front on the Rhein, the Mosel and the Saar.
    1:25: "OKW-Bericht" [Oberkommando der Wehrmacht; German Armed Forces High Command] report on the situation in the Rhein, Belgium and Luxembourg read by "Kurt."
    2:35: Henceforth Radio 1212 will distinguish between "contaminated" [verfluchte] and "uncontaminated" reports, and our own reporting from the Front. Is there anything further? So we will now listen to a bit of music.
    3:05: Music: "Florentiner Marsch" (Julius Fučík).
    5:44: Today's news from our own reporters. Report from 20 January, 7 past 2 in the morning.
    7:12: I believe that we will later broadcast the entire lot of place names. We always have a map at hand. Meanwhile, let's play another record.
    7:22: March music. (Unidentified medley, includes "British Grenadiers.")
    9:05: Radio 1212 reporting on events in the Ardennes, Luxembourg and the Mosel.
    10:44: Report from the North Flank.
    12:14: Report on fighting in Diekirch [Luxembourg].
    14:25: We will have further reports in the early morning hours. Now, news for members of the military, after a bit of music. We'll be back with you soon.
    14:44: Music: Accelerationen Walzer, op. 234 (Johann Strauss, Jr.).
    18:38: This is Radio 1212, daily from 2-6, with hourly new reports for the Rheinland. We bring news from the Front and the homeland for the civilian residents of the Rheinland District and the Saar Palatinate. After the news for military personnel and civilian residents of Rheinland communities we will return with a report on camp returnees, and further news reports. Now for the news.
    19:22: News of tank movement on the Western front. Numbers of officers and troops involved in fighting.
    20:12: News from Saarbrücken. The SS commander [Josef “Sepp”] Dietrich read a decree, inspired by a subordinate soldier, regarding the unauthorized and prohibited procurement of private accounts [?].
    20:49: The management of the Reichsbahn announces that passenger trains will resume [?] service as of on January 23.
    21:21: An update on the Reich's Commander of Recycling, Hans Heck, and his recent comments about housing.
    22:37: News from Köln. An open letter from the Reich's Education Minister condemning “troublesome” professors of philosophy and law in Köln and Bonn.
    24:09: From the Reich's Aviation Division: to comply with a new ruling and to ensure a fair distribution of gas masks, each household must stock only one gas mask per person.
    24:54: And now, a little more music. And then, today’s short updates.
    25:02-end: Accelerationen, op. 234 (Strauss, Jr.)

    TRACK 2
    00:03: This is Radio 1212, covering the defeat of German tank divisions in the West. General updates on division activity in the Ardennes, along with the planned exit of forces to occur over the following 6-8 weeks. Several minutes detailing the battle. An expression of optimism for future battles.
    4:07: Thank you, Fred. Those were today's headlines. More news coming up somewhat later, once the messages arrive. Now, here’s some Rhenish music.
    4:28: Music: Eins in Andere (Willi Ostermann). [Singer-songwriter Ostermann (1876-1936) specialized in songs about Köln and the Rheinland, where he remains a beloved figure.]
    10:13: Again, this has been Rhenish music. Here’s a short recap of news from the Western Front.
    10:25: A strong German pincer formation early this morning broke through the American-held line between Hatten (region) and the Rhein, just north of Strasbourg. Discussion of happenings on the Maginot line. The villages of Bettendorf and Bastendorf are mentioned.
    11:46: Yes, this seems to be the 2 o’clock update, especially for Alsace and Diekirch [Luxembourg]. More updates will surely follow. In about a quarter of an hour, we’ll have more firsthand reports coming in. Until then, more music.
    12:17: “Yes, Sir!” -- Zarah Leander (words and music: Ralph Benatzky).
    15:11: This is 1212 broadcasting. (“Trojan Horse” theme plays.)
    15:59: Dramatic events on the Eastern Front: 1212 brings the German people daily broadcasts on current events and follow-ups. We bring you statements from Wilhelmstrasse spokesmen and a messages from neutral observers in Stockholm.
    16:28: Here are today’s updates on the Eastern Front. News of Soviet movement. Warsaw, Litzmannstadt, Krakow, Tschenstochau [Częstochowa], Płock, Pilkallen [Pilkały (Pol); Dobrovolsk (Rus)], and Ragnit [Ragneta (Pol); Neman (Rus)] have been evacuated. Soviet troops advance. 1212 will continue to bring you summaries of reports we receive from Wilhelmstrasse.
    17:12: “Trojan Horse” theme. Now an update on Generalfeldmarschall [Walter] Model’s latest move for the Volksgrenadiers. An extended look at artillery and soldier numbers follows. Reports that soldiers want better funding for better weapons.
    21:37: This has been a report on the Volksgrenadiers from 1212; more will follow. Now, a look at the aerial battles over Mannheim and Ludwigshafen. A discussion of neighboring strategic spots on the Rhein, as well as a detailed, street-by-street look at fighting near the train station in downtown Mannheim.
    24:04: This has been Mannheim. Tonight, we’ll be covering eyewitness accounts from Düsseldorf. Now, some music.
    24:24: Donna Diana Overture (Reznicek).
    26:10: "Die schӧne Nachbarin" ("Immer liegt sie mir im Sinn") -- Kurt Mühlhardt, with Adabert Lutter orchestra (folksong, arranged by G. Kneip and H. Felz).
    29:22: “Ich hab' eine tiefe Sehnsucht in mir" -- Zarah Leander (words and music: Ralph Benatzky; from the Ufa-Film Zu neuen Ufern).

    TRACK 3
    00:08: Good morning. Every morning at this time Radio 1212 broadcasts a summary of events in the West, reports from the Front and the Homeland, and important news for soldiers on the Front and civilian residents of towns near the Front on the Rhein, the Mosel and the Saar. First, every morning, we bring you an OKW report. We’ll broadcast again at 3 o'clock, giving you a broad overview of the headlines and battles from the previous evening. But first, the OKW report. Please, Kurt.
    1:25: In the West, our troops took the town of Zetten (Netherlands), northwest of Nijmegen, in a surprise attack. To the North, the Americans are gaining ground. [Comprehensive report from the Rhein, Belgium, Luxembourg.]
    2:37: Now, let’s take a look at some eyewitness reports, as they sometimes highlight discrepancies found in official reports. Are they ready? Oh, they’re not. How about some music, then?
    3:08: “Indigo und die vierzig Räuber: Tausend und eine Nacht," Walzer Op. 346 (Johann Strauss II). Cuts off.
    5:33: So, the time’s come. 1212 now brings you today’s eyewitness accounts. Fred?
    5:40: Yes, an account from January 20th, Mons [Belgium]. German forces hold opposition forces at bay from the North and the West. A fire broke out in Diekirch, pinning American forces. In the Saar-Mosel triangle, German tank units are poised to attack in Tettingen-Butzdorf. An overview of British activity in the area. The area between Herzberg and Niederkrüchten is still solidly German.
    7:07: I believe this has been a summary of all important local activity. We’ve come to own an important map, which we’re working from.
    7:22: “Indigo und die vierzig Räuber" (continues where previous play paused).
    9:13: 1212. What’s going on in the Ardennes, in Luxembourg, and along the Mosel? From the Ardennes Front, the campaign is winding down, being dubbed a great failure. In Malmedy [Belgium], American forces advance 4.5 km. Petit-Thier, Poteau, and Burtonville (all south of Malmedy) must be cleared. A clash in nearby Bovigny.
    11:07: This has been the eyewitness accounts from the North flank. Now, the West. [German and American artillery comparisons, invocation of the battle at Wiltz.] In Bettendorf, the battle closes in on our forces.
    12:46: [interjection] Ah, here’s the report on the fighting in Diekirch. [Troop counts, weather report: “ice cold”; LKW (Lastkraftwagen; trucks) status]
    14:19: Very important, George, thank you. Back to the previous report. The most controversial news of today comes from the Saar-Mosel triangle on the 1st SS Panzer Division, also called the “Geist Division.” Activity in Tettingen-Butzdorf.
    15:08: And now we’re waiting on the delivery of the next report, early tomorrow morning. They’re still some distance away on foot. First, a little music. Then, we’ll reconvene. [No music follows.]
    15:35: [Repeat broadcast from beginning of track.] Good morning. Every morning at this time Radio 1212 broadcasts a summary of events in the West, reports from the Front and the Homeland, and important news for soldiers on the Front and civilian residents of towns near the Front on the Rhein, the Mosel and the Saar.
    21:36: Trojan Horse theme (heard in full, with several repeats).
    1945 January 21
    Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration

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