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Operation Annie - December 12, 1944

Recorded Sound | RG Number: RG-91.0507

In the past 24 hours a number of villages fell into American hands. In the Düren region: Echtz and Geich, about 5 km Northeast of Düren. In the Rhine-Pfalz: (Limenhausen?,Jeweiler, Herbach, Düringenhof?, Höllenhof?, Wegenei?, Laubach, Eschbach, Winterfels) In the Hagenau region: Soufflenheim, Oberhoffen, Schirrhein, Schirhoffen, Offendorf (South of Bischweiler)
1:25: names of the villages that are under threat: In the Düren region: Pier, Herna, Merode, (Schliess?), (Seil? That is in large part already taken by the Americans), Düren. In the Saar region: The cities Merzig, Willingen, Saarbrücken, Wuschach?, Wölflingen, Reichweiler. In the Rhine-Pfalz: Sör? And Dürrenbach?.
News for the Wehrmacht and the civilians in the West regions: In many parts of the Westfront, snowfall has decreased. The mild temperatures have turned the snow into mud, which is an inconvenience for tanks and trucks. Due to optimal wind the troops were frequently able to use artificial fog. Furthermore natural fog was hanging low over the landscape and obscured the vision. Reports of front missions of the Volkssturm at Saar-Lautern caused a stir within the Volkssturm men of the front regions. People were not expecting that older men were going to have to fight on the front outside of their hometowns. It came as a surprise that the Volkssturm men of Saarbrücken were ordered to go to the front just 24 hours prior.
Near Düren, where the American offensive is currently advancing, infantry divisions are currently fighting in the newly compiled 340th Volksgrenadier division consisting of amateurs that were just recently taken out of industrial labor and former air weapon crew.
End of the news. This is 1212 speaking.
5:14: 1212 is ending a news broadcast for relatives of the Wehrmacht and the civilians of the Rhineland gaus, and the Saar-Pfalz.
5:28: *music*
13:20 1212 broadcasting, 1212 broadcasting, 1212 broadcasting

1944 December 12
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
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