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Operation Annie - December 17, 1944

Recorded Sound | RG Number: RG-91.0511

0:00: music
1:52: news: according to the latest reports, there have been allied counterattacks on the front between the Eiffel and the Luxembourgian border, Waldfront: the American tanks are now standing on a 25km front on German soil, the counterattacks by German tanks weren’t able to stop the invasion. The German troops have now retreated from the Rhine’s west bank. The first Defense hubs of the “Westwall” are now under fire. At the Rhine itself the first row of bunkers have now been flooded, leaving the German forces with no other option but to retreat to back rows. There are ongoing street fights at the city borders and American tanks are now trying to cross the mine covered streets.
3:40: All the bridges across the Lauter have been blown up, the Inhabitants of the Lautertal and Suedpfalz area are now hiding out in the nearby woods or waiting the fights out in tunnels and basements. Three german divisions (the 361, 245, 256 infantry divisions) have made severe losses.
Roehrrfront: Yesterday Verbaende of the 7th army started counterattacks, American troops were able to stop these attacks and fight back in cooperation with fighter aircrafts, As infantry and sturmgeschuetze left their formations they were attacked by American strafers dropping projectile bombs. The Volks grenadiers have also made severe losses.
Saarfront: The German troops are being pressured by the American troops, and retreating to Westwall.
Luftkrieg: The bombers are targeting the train station in Giessen as it is an important transportation hub for the surrounding areas that have also been under attack for the past week, Siegen in Westfalen has also been under attack.
7:25: end of the Front news
7:55: In the past 24 hours following villages have been taken over by American troops: Saarfront: Medelsheim (south of Zweibruecken), Gerstheim. Rhein-pfalz Fronts: Phillipsburg (on the Railroad of Bitche Hagenau) Bingen. Fights are still ongoing in Weissenburg and Bitche. Lauterburg is almost completely taken over by the Americans. The following Villages are under threat: Wallsheim (south of Zweibruecken, Pfalz Fronts: Wowental (northeast of weissenburg)
9:20: female voice, inaudible
10:50: music
12:38: Correction of the Luftkrieg section: Not Giessen but Siegen (in Westfalen) was the target of yesterday’s airstrikes
12:50: Announcements for the Wehrmacht and Civilians in the western zones.

1944 December 17
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:00:05
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