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Operation Annie - January 10, 1945

Recorded Sound | RG Number: RG-91.0514

0:00: *music*
1:10: Introduction
1:37: headlines: evacuation of German troops behind the St. Hubert street. Slight soil gain of the Americans in the Bastogne area. Bombers above Rhineland, Ardennes and Saar. Bloody fights in the Maginot line at Elsass. German troops are pressuring Strasbourg from North and South.
2:00: Front news: The German evacuation movement on the North-West tip of the Ardennes between La Roche and Saint Hubert gained speed. The fights in the streets of La Roche are ongoing, but Saint Hubert remains under German control. Americans were only able to make small soil gain in the Bastogne area. Bloody fights are being reported from the Elsass part of the Maginot line. SS Gebirgsjaeger fought their way deep into the Hartwald. Near Hatten our troops made efforts to banish the Americans out of the Outposts of the Maginot Line. German troops held their bridgehead north of Strasbourg, they tried to infiltrate the American defense line. During good weather American North American bombers attacked cities of the Rhineland and our troops in the Ardennes and Saar area again.
3:07: Roehrfront: North of Monschau in the Roehr Area it came to outpost fights. German artillery and launchers attacked enemy posts. Northeast of Lammersdorf the Americans attacked outposts at Westwall and near the Roehrdams. The evacuated outposts were immediately taken over from neighboring outposts.
3:33: Defense fight in the Ardennes:

Note: Detailed transcription ends, reporting continues until 24:24 and TRACK 2 runs 12:59 in duration.

1945 January 10
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of National Archives & Records Administration
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:00:05
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