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Oral history interview with Yahad-In Unum interviewee 768U

Oral History | Accession Number: 2009.24.218 | RG Number: RG-50.589.0218

The interviewee, a Ukrainian man born in 1930, discusses events in Khodoriv (Khodorov), L'vivs'ka oblast', Ukraine; the prewar population of Khodoriv; the arrival of German forces in 1941; the requirement that Jews wear white armbands; the establishment of a ghetto in the market neighborhood; a description of the ghetto, which had four watch towers; seeing ghetto inmates being marched to work in a factory, a sugar refinery, on road projects, in rock quarries, and loading and unloading freight trains; some details on the Ukrainian police, including "national police" who kept general order and the "Schutzpolizei" who helped Germans in their treatment of Jews; the burning of the wooden synagogue with Jews inside, which he saw from a distance; details on the synagogue, which witness says was built in 1540; the individual shooting of Jews soon after the Germans arrived; how groups of Jews were sent to Belzec, Poland by train, which he observed on one occasion and heard about from his father who worked for the railroad; the mass killing of Jews in Khodoriv in 1943; seeing with other children hundreds of Jews being marched toward the forest, guarded by SS personnel with dogs; the shooting of Jews at two ditches, about which the witness was told by a friend whose father had been employed by "the Gestapo”; details on the mass execution; how the local residents took furniture and other property from empty ghetto houses; the subsequent individual shooting of Jewish specialists, including Skorchek, Diamant, Alzhenshteyn [names all phonetic]; the appearance of notices in German and Ukrainian saying that Khodoriv was now free of Jews; and how his brother at age 17 joined the SS Galitsiya division, went to Czechoslovakia and Vienna with the retreating Germans, and later returned to the USSR where he was arrested and sent to a camp in Kolyma.

interview:  2009 January 18
creation: Khodoriv (Zhydachivs'kyi raion, Ukraine)
2 compact discs.
Credit Line
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Collection, Gift of Yahad-in Unum
Record last modified: 2022-06-24 20:28:11
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