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Political Cartoon of Andrew Jackson and the French King dancing before a crowd of international leaders

Object | Accession Number: 2016.184.382

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    Political Cartoon of Andrew Jackson and the French King dancing before a crowd of international leaders

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    Brief Narrative
    This lithograph was created in 1836 as a satirical commentary on United States President Andrew Jackson's conflict with French King Louis Philippe over the Treaty of 1831, and the French reparations due to the US. Edward Clay and Henry Robinson, both of whom were prominent political cartoonists and regular critics of Jackson, produced the piece. In this cartoon, the French King has fallen at Jackson’s feet, while trying to keep pace as the President dances to the Cabinet’s music. Jackson celebrates receiving long-sought reparations from a reluctant France by holding aloft a moneybag so that the audience of international leaders can see his success. In addition to demanding reparations, Jackson was also an opponent of entrenched banking interests, an issue alluded to by figure 24’s commentary about “profits.” This figure, Rothschild, could be any of the leading members of the large, prosperous Rothschild family that dominated international banking in Europe. He is depicted with a large nose, thick eyebrows, and hooded eyes; all stereotypical antisemitic features commonly attributed to Jews. Rothschild’s comment furthers the antisemitic stereotype of the greedy Jew who exploits Gentiles for their own economic advantage, and Jewish control of finance. These stereotypes originate from the economic and professional restrictions placed on early European Jews, which forced many into occupations such as money changing or lending and banking. The lithograph is one of more than 900 items in the Katz Ehrenthal Collection of antisemitic artifacts and visual materials.
    Grand Virginia Reel and the Scamperdown at the White House Washington
    publication/distribution:  1836 February
    publication: New York (N.Y.)
    Credit Line
    United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Collection, Gift of the Katz Family
    front, center, below image, printed, black ink : Enterered [sic] according to act of Congress in the Year 1836 by H. R. Robinson, in the Clerk’s Office of the District Court of the United States of the Southern District of New York. / GRAND VIRGINIA REEL AND SCAMPERDOWN AT THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON. ALL THE WORLD COMPLETELY DISCUMGALLIGUMFRICATED. [GRAND VIRGINIA REEL AND SCAMPERDOWN AT THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON. ALL THE WORLD COMPLETELY ASTONISHED BUT PLEASED]

    front, lower margin, printed, black ink: No.1. ANo 1. No.2 King of the French. No.3 Wm. the 4th. No.4 First Fiddle an(d) leader of the Cabinet Orchestra. No.5 Czar of Russia. No.6 Sultan of Turkey. No.7 The Pope .No.8Shah of Persia .No.9Pacha of Egypt. No.10 The / Emperor of China.No.11.King of Prussi(a). No.12 King of Sweden. No.13 King of D(enmark). No.14Emperor of Austria. No.15 King of Sardi(nia) .No.16King of Naples. No.17 King of Belgium. No.18. Queen of Portugal . No.19 / Queen of Spain . No.20King of Holland . No.21 Landamann of Switzerland . No.22King of Bavaria. No.23 King of Greece. No.24:Rothschild. No.25. General Santander., & (?).

    front, center, lower margin, printed, black ink: Published February 1836, by the Proprietor H. R. Robinson, (1?)8 Courtland(t) St. New York.

    front, within image, figure No.4’s text balloon, printed, black ink : “I am the boy for / bewitching’ em!” / Forward and back / two!
    front, within image, figure No.12’s text balloon, printed, black ink : Our brother Louis / Philippe has made / a faux pas!
    front, within image, figure No.11’s text balloon, printed, black ink : Yes he turns round / too often and so / misses the figure!
    front, within image, figure No.3’s text balloon, printed, black ink : Go it Old Hickory! / Shiver my topsails / if Louis Philippe isn’t / on his beam ends!
    front, within image, figure No.14’s text balloon, printed, black ink : His Excellency / Andrew has got / his Ebeneezer up!
    front, within image, figure No.17’s text balloon, printed, black ink : These Yankees / are real roarers!
    front, within image, figure No.16’s text balloon, printed, black ink : Yes but I paid / them without / any difficulty.
    front, within image, figure No.18’s text balloon, printed, black ink : Heigho for a / husband! — / I wonder if / old Hickory / wouldn’t mar- / -ry me!

    front, within image, figure No.1’s text balloon, printed, black ink : Par l’Eternel! Louis / Philippe, je joucrai / l’enfer et Thomas avec / vous! D—n it Martin / give us a War-dance! / Whoop!! [By the Lord! Louis Philippe, I will play hell and Thomas with you! D—n it Martin / give us a War-dance! / Whoop!!]
    front, within image, figure No.2’s text balloon, printed, black ink : Nom de Dieu! I try de / double shuffle wis dis / d—n ole Jackson and he / put me on my back! / Sacristi! [For God’s sake! I try the double shuffle with this d-n old Jackson and he put me on my back! By God!]
    front, within image, bag of money, printed, black ink : 25.000.000. / francs

    front, within image, figure No.10’s text bubble, printed, black ink : Wy! Lo! / what a set / of flunkies!
    front, within image, figure No.20’s text balloon, printed, black ink : Ik bin liederlyk! [I am a leader!]
    front, within image, figure No.6’s text balloon, printed, black ink : Mashallah! what a / greedy Giaour you are. / But you shan’t have / any part, not even the / Pope’s nose! [What Allah has willed has happened (likely used incorrectly here as an exclamatory statement to indicate annoyance or surprise in a similar manner to “Good Lord” in Christian, English vernacular) what a greedy Christian you are. But you shall not have any part, not even the turkey’s rump!]
    front, within image, figure No.7’s text balloon, printed, black ink : If he gets my nose / I’ll be tetotaciously / exflunctified! [If he gets my nose, I’ll be totally worn out!]
    front, within image, figure No. 5’s text balloon, printed, black ink : Mahmoud I should / like to have a part / of your Turkey!
    front, within image, figure No.24’s text balloon, printed, black ink : By Moses and / de Profits I am / King of de Jews!
    front, within image, figure No.8’s text balloon, printed, black ink : By my beard, / Shah Jackson / dances well. / May his / shadow never / be less!

    front, within image, bottom left corner, black ink : C. 1836. [Clay 1836]
    Compiler: Peter Ehrenthal
    Publisher: Henry R. Robinson
    Artist: Edward W. Clay
    The Katz Ehrenthal Collection is a collection of more than 900 objects depicting Jews and antisemitic and anti-Jewish propaganda from the medieval to the modern era, in Europe, Russia, and the United States. The collection was amassed by Peter Ehrenthal, a Romanian Holocaust survivor, to document the pervasive history of anti-Jewish hatred in Western art, politics and popular culture. It includes crude folk art as well as pieces created by Europe's finest craftsmen, prints and periodical illustrations, posters, paintings, decorative art, and toys and everyday household items decorated with depictions of stereotypical Jewish figures.

    Physical Details

    Object Type
    Lithographs (aat)
    Physical Description
    Lithograph of a political cartoon printed on faded white paper. The cartoon depicts a large crowd watching two men dance to music played by musicians on a raised platform, to the far left. On the platform labeled, “THE CABINET,” three musicians are arranged behind Vice President Martin Van Buren, playing the fiddle. In the foreground to the right of the platform, French King Louis Philippe is dressed in an officer’s military uniform, and he has fallen on his rear end trying to keep up with President Andrew Jackson, who is shown dancing in the center. Jackson raises his arms and holds a sack of “25.000.000 francs” aloft as he mocks the King. In the far right foreground, the Sultan of Turkey holds up a cooked turkey while responding to the Czar of Russia’s comments about wanting a piece. Between the two men, the Pope, wearing the papal tiara, adds his own commentary about turkey. Just behind this group, stands a man identified as Rothschild, with stereotypical Jewish features: thick eyebrows, hooded eyes, and a big nose. The crowd stretches across the background, and consists of 22 international heads of state and high-ranking officials such as William the 4th standing in front of the others, many of whom are commenting on the spectacle. All of the prominent figures in the image are identified by a numeral beside them, which corresponds to a number key printed below the image, beneath the title. The paper is heavily stained, torn, and creased throughout, with many losses along the edges. On the back, there is a handwritten pencil inscription along the right edge and tape repairs along the creases.
    overall: Height: 12.500 inches (31.75 cm) | Width: 18.875 inches (47.943 cm)
    overall : paper, ink, pencil, tape
    back, top, right edge, handwritten, pencil : illegible text

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    Administrative Notes

    The print was donated to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in 2016 by the Katz Family.
    Funding Note
    The cataloging of this artifact has been supported by a grant from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.
    Special Collection
    Katz Ehrenthal Collection
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    2024-04-29 07:56:13
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