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Two-sided antisemitic poster of Jews gathered in a town square

Object | Accession Number: 2016.184.644

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    Two-sided antisemitic poster of Jews gathered in a town square

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    Brief Narrative
    This poster is one of more than 900 items in the Katz Ehrenthal Collection of antisemitic visual materials.
    Artwork Title
    Die Juden in Friedrichsruh
    Series Title
    Politischer Bilderbogen, Number 10
    publication/distribution:  1893
    publication: Dresden (Germany)
    Credit Line
    United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Collection, Gift of the Katz Family
    front, top center, black ink : POLITISCHER BILDERBOGEN No10. [Political picture sheet No10.]
    front, bottom left, black ink : Anno Domini 1893.
    front, bottom right, black ink : Druck u. Verlag der Druckerei Glöss Dresden. [Printing and publishing, Glöss Printing Company Dresden.]
    front, bottom center, black ink : Die Juden in Friedrichsruh. [The Jews in Friedrichsruh]
    back, title page, top, black ink : Nr. 10. / Die Juden / in Friedrichsruh. / Politischer Bilderbogen. / Preis 30 pfennige
    back, title page, bottom, in table, black ink : Ferner erschienen: / Nr. 1. Bismarck kommt! . . . 30 Pf. / „ 2. Juden in Deutschland . . 30 „ / „ 3. Freisinnige Zukunftsbilder 30 „ / „ 4. Caprivi's Heldenthaten . 30 „ / Nr. 5. Börsen - Kirmess . . . . 30 Pf. / „ 6. Das Märchen von Christus 30 „ / „ 7. Ahlwardt's Heldenthaten . 30 „ / „ 8. Juden - A - B - C . . . . . 30 „
    / Nr. 9. Bismarck in Berlin . . . 30 Pf. [Also published: No. 1. Bismarck is coming! . . . 30 Pf. „ 2. Jews in Germany .. 30„ „ 3. Happy Future Images 30 „ „ 4. Caprivi's financial interests . 30 „ No. 5. Stock exchanges – Kirmess . . . . 30 Pf. „ 6. The Martyrs of Christ 30 „ „ 7. Ahlwardt's financial interests . 30 „ „ 8. Jews - A - B - C . . . . . 30 „ No. 9. Bismarck in Berlin . . . 30 Pf.]
    back, title page, bottom center, black ink : Dresden / Druck und Verlag der Druckerei Glöß / 1893.
    Compiler: Peter Ehrenthal
    Verlag der Druckerei Glöss, Dresden
    The Katz Ehrenthal Collection is a collection of more than 900 objects depicting Jews and antisemitic and anti-Jewish propaganda from the medieval to the modern era, in Europe, Russia, and the United States. The collection was amassed by Peter Ehrenthal, a Romanian Holocaust survivor, to document the pervasive history of anti-Jewish hatred in Western art, politics and popular culture. It includes crude folk art as well as pieces created by Europe's finest craftsmen, prints and periodical illustrations, posters, paintings, decorative art, and toys and everyday household items decorated with depictions of stereotypical Jewish figures.

    Physical Details

    Physical Description
    Two sided offset lithograph poster in black ink on paper. It presents a scene of a large crowd of people standing in semicircle a town square. In the center is a man in a cap and ankle-length robe, with a halo and the name Hirsch Hildesheimer. He is addressing an official looking man in a suit who stands above him on the right at the balustrade of an elevated terrace of an imposing building. He is addressed as Furst [Prince] by a uniformed man ascending the terrace stairs. Hildesheimer points at a dead man on the left, in an open coffin, labelled Laskert, ringed by wreaths, flags, and 2 attendants. Near the terrace is a cloaked, crying woman bathed in light, evoking a Madonna, holding a child with a slit throat. The crowd consists of Jews from different classes and professions, including bankers, journalists, criminals, and musicians. Many have stereotyped features, such as large noses. Some historical figures are depicted and identified by name. In the background is a line of pine and oak trees beneath clouds. A thick ray of sun shines through the trees and spotlights the man on the terrace. The scene is framed by bars with oak leaves at the corners and text at the top and bottom. The back has 8 panels of letterpress German text: 1 panel has the title, a 3 leaved stem, a list of other posters in the series, and publication information; 7 panels have a total of 16 paragraphs of closely spaced text.
    overall: Height: 19.625 inches (49.848 cm) | Width: 25.250 inches (64.135 cm)
    overall : paper, ink

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    Administrative Notes

    The poster was donated to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in 2016 by the Katz Family.
    Funding Note
    The cataloging of this artifact has been supported by a grant from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.
    Special Collection
    Katz Ehrenthal Collection
    Record last modified:
    2022-07-28 18:30:39
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