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Germany and Switzerland

Film | Accession Number: 1996.166 | RG Number: RG-60.5085 | Film ID: 4612, 4613, 4614, 4615, 4616, 4617, 4618, 4619, 4620, 4622, 4623, 4624

Location filming of scenes in Germany and Switzerland for SHOAH.

FILM ID 4612 -- Berlin 1.2.3 Reichstag Le Mur traveling nuit
Camera focuses on the front facade of the Reichstag- Dem Deutschen Volke and slowly pans out. (05:35) Sign reads,"Sie verlassen jetzt West Berlin." Berlin Wall behind the Brandenburg Gate. (07:20) Nightlife in downtown Berlin. Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. This reel was probably filmed for the interview with Deutschkron, RG-60.5044.

FILM ID 4613 -- Lehrter Bahnhof / Ext. Grunewald / LB 1 BER 4
Train station looking toward the Berlin TV Tower. S Bahn station at the Berlin - Grunewald stop. CU, memorial plaque to remember the tens of thousands of Jews that were deported from the station to Nazi death camps. This reel was probably filmed for the interview with Deutschkron, RG-60.5044.

FILM ID 4614 -- Café Wien 1-7 La Danse
At Cafe Wien, an older couple dances in a decorated dining room with a large chandelier. People watch from tables. This reel was probably filmed for the interview with Deutschkron, RG-60.5044.

FILM ID 4615 -- Breme 1. Maison Becher. Ville
Front gate of Kurt A. Becher’s house. A plaque on the gate includes Becher's name with “Kölner Aussenhandels GMBH Niederlassung Bremen.” His house can be seen from around the treeline. Car with the camera inside begins to drive away from the house passing pedestrians and buildings in the small town. Sign, “Betreten Verboten” [Do Not Enter] on a docked boat. Pan across the river with boats.

FILM ID 4616 -- Duisburg Travellings Peniches triage
Large factory complex in operation, filmed from a vehicle. Cars pass while driving on a highway, large smoke stacks in BG. Bridge crossing. Rural setting with a smaller building and two smokestacks. (02:55) MSs of Duisburg, streets and sidewalks deserted. (04:16) “BOB 59”

FILM ID 4617 -- Essen-Krupp (Duisburg)
Car drives out of a tunnel, approaches the city of Essen. (06:03) EXT of the factory complex.

FILM ID 4618 -- Evian 6.7. Hotel Royal)
Scenic view of hillsides. (01:20) Vehicle enters a dark tunnel through a mountain, lush green hillside. (02:20) Fields of farmland. The picturesque town of Evian located in a valley adjacent to a lake. Hotel Royal where the Evian Conference took place.

FILM ID 4619 -- Bâle1-4 Routes Camion Equipe / Bâle 1-6 Scenes champetres
Scenic alpine views of Switzerland filmed from a car. Van. Man fishing along a river near Basel. Large pasture with farmers and a tractor bailing hay. Farm houses. This reel was probably filmed for the interview with Pictet, RG-60.5054.

FILM ID 4620 -- Geneve La Ville and Geneve 3.4.6 Travelling Alles Rolle
“BOB 188” In Geneva, CU of a boat named “Helvetie” cruises in a river with people standing on its deck. Sign next to pier, “The Famous Residences” with a map of famous estates located on the banks of the river. People walk across a bridge, shops and hotels line the street. Swans. (10:41) Driving in a forested area. Tree lined road. Facades of passing buildings. (13:17) Two lion statues face the street. Hotel de La Paix with a Swiss flag. People on sidewalk. (14:01) Palace of Nations. Gate of the United Nations complex in Geneva. Hedges and trees line a narrow drive to a house with an attached garage. (16:15) Alley with houses and parked cars. Path into forested area leads to an estate. Fortress flying the Swiss flag. Slow zoom of a tree lined street. This reel was probably filmed for the interview with Rossel, RG-60.5019.

FILM ID 4622 -- Thyssen Travellings Panos
Thyssen factory complex with smokestacks. Main street of an industrial area. (01:33) “Thyssen” in large letters. “BOB 60” Driving around the perimeter of the Thyssen factory complex.

FILM ID 4623 -- Vieux Munich / Munich 5A-6A Arrivee Hamburg Divers
Couples and individuals in city of Munich. Driving on a highway, overlooking smokestacks and power-lines. Several flags line the side of the road. Arriving in Hamburg, bridge. Green pastures with grazing cattle.

FILM ID 4624 -- Wannsee DK 23.7B.19.32.22
This reel was probably filmed for the interview with Deutschkron, RG-60.5044. Lanzmann speaks over an intercom and tries to gain access to the villa at 56-58 Am Grossen in Wannsee, where Nazi leaders convened in January 1942 to determine the fate of millions of Jews across German-occupied Europe. Sign on the gate reads “Feuerwehr-Zufahrt.” EXTs. Children ride tricycles accompanied by two women. (03:37) Filming from a boat of the rear side of the villa mansion that backs up to a lake. Three children on the shoreline wave at the camera. (08:03) Lanzmann and crew walk around in the woods behind the villa, filming.

Event:  Spring or Summer 1979
Production:  1985
Munich, Germany
Geneva, Switzerland
Basel, Switzerland
Wannsee, Germany
Essen, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Created by Claude Lanzmann during the filming of "Shoah," used by permission of USHMM and Yad Vashem
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