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Film | Accession Number: 1996.166 | RG Number: RG-60.5089 | Film ID: 4709, 4710, 4711, 4712, 4713, 4714, 4715, 4716

Location filming in Warsaw, Poland for SHOAH. Scenes include the ghetto, Mila 18, the cemetery, the railway station, and archival documents and photographs.

FILM ID 4709 -- White 39A Varsovie La Gare VAR 61-66
Ticket counter in Warsaw's train station. (00:34) The train schedule. (3:36) A sign that reads: “Gornik. Warszawa WSCH. Częstochowa-Katowice- Gliwice.” The sign is on a train moving out of the station platform. A man is leaning outside the window of the train. (6:00) Trains go past the platform.

FILM ID 4710 -- White 39B Varsovie Ville
Clapperboard reads: “Varsovie Ghetto.” A monument in a park. (00:48) People walking around in the city next to the park. (3:56) A sign that says: Mordechaja Anielewicza.” (4:48) A sign that says: “cmentarz żydowski w warszawie,” [Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw] as well as the hours it is open. (5:21) Rows and rows of headstones in a cemetery. (8:42) CU, headstone of Adam Czerniakow. Prezes Ghetta Warszawskiego. Zmarl dn. 23 Lipca 1942 R. [President of the Warsaw Ghetto, died on July 23, 1942.] (8.56) The entirety of Czerniakow’s large tombstone.

FILM ID 4711 -- White 40 Varsovie Archives
Footage of archives: a map showing the Ghetto borders. (1.57) A sign in German demanding the relocation of Jews that do not work for companies; those that volunteer will get three kilograms of bread and one kilogram of jam. It is also promised that families that volunteer together will not be separated. (2:30) A black and white photograph of Bund leader Dr. Leon Fajner. “Mikolaj” 1886-1945. Przywodca Bundu. 2:54) Black and white photograph of Czerniakow in his ghetto office behind a desk with candelabra. (3:20) Clapperboard. Several black and white photographs of Germans with their names and designations written below in pen. (6.16) Nazis with two men in shawls next to a brick wall. (6:31) A black and white photo of a Nazi soldier kneeling with a German shepherd. (7:31) Black and white photograph of men, women, and children getting onto tall carts. Some of them have stars on their jackets. (7.56) Nazi oversees a crowd of people by railcars. (8.12) Nazi soldiers stand in front of a train as people start to get off. (11:58) A black and white photograph of a room filled with shoes. (12:33) Black and white photo of men carrying a body in a white sheet in a cemetery. (12:44) Men standing in a field holding shovels. (12:57) Three engraved cups and two seals. (13:12) Deep burial pit filled with bodies. (13:38) Man sitting alone in a field surrounded by a wire fence. His head is resting on his hands. (13:48) Several black and white photos of Nazis (15:26) Several headshots of men. (16:18) Children sitting at desks in a classroom with a teacher. (17:00) Men stand in front of a large pile of shoes. (17:29) Man brushes the side of a tank with a broom. (17:42) Photo of a man with star badge kneeling on a pile of spokes before a crowd. (17:53) Cutting the hair and beards of two men. (18:08) Long line of people with armbands walk down a city street, carrying heavy bags. (18:45) Large group in a courtyard. (19:11) Women waving goodbye from a ship. (19:22) Black and white photograph of men standing in lines around a courtyard. (19:43) Ten men have been hanged above a pit. (19:56) Rows and rows of skulls and bones. (20:22) A black and white photograph of four corpses. (21:08) People in a line next to a pit. (21:33) Hanged man. (21:48) A black and white photograph of men walking on a road with small children. (21:59) House on fire.

FILM ID 4712 -- White 79 Varsovie Mila 18 Anielewicz
Warsaw city street, cars parked on both sides. Apartment buildings. (1:43) Sign on the building: “Miła 18 MSM. Starowka.” (3:36) Driving around. (10:44) A man is walking behind a car pushing it down the road while someone else sits in the driver's seat. (13:13) A man pushes a stroller down the street. (15:34) A street sign that says “Mordechaja Anielewicza,” one way and “Esperanto,” another.

FILM ID 4713 -- White 80 Varsovie Franciszkanska
Two street signs: “Bonifrałerska” and “Franciszkanska”. Cabinet filled with photos on the wall. A city street with cars driving. (1:46) Kids and adults walk by the cabinet. (3:25) A corner of a wall with “Wałowa” and “Franciszkanska”. Women walk down the sidewalk surrounded by tall buildings and a grassy area. (5:05) A tall office building with “Intraco” on the top. Pedestrians, cars, buses. (9:58) Focus on the sign “Franciszkanska.” (10:57) “Taxi” sign and parked cars. (13:43) “Franciszkanska” sign next to a bookshop. (14:34) Crowd of people stand in line in front of a door.

FILM ID 4714 -- White 81 Varsovie Trams. Rue. Chutes.
Tram tracks with cars and pedestrians. A tram goes by. (1:25) Many people walk across a crosswalk in front of a tram. (2:42) Warsaw city scenes. “Konfekcja” (4:04) Tram tracks. Trams go by.

FILM ID 4715 -- White 82.83 Varsovie Rappoport.Plaques.Wovolipki.Wolnosk
Park in front of tall buildings. A crowd of people stand in a courtyard. Rappoport Memorial covered in scaffolding. Wreaths at the base. (6:58) Aerial view of Warsaw. People, cars, trams. (8:09) “warszawa centralna” [Warsaw Central] building. (9:08) Tall, ornate building. (9:38) A tram goes by next to an underground walkway and throughout the city. (11:40) More buildings in Warsaw. (16:15) Street scenes. Sign says “Nowolipie.” (16:47) “Zylnia” and “Zelazna.” (20:52) Men stand next to a car talking. Beside them is a small, red memorial with a large cross. (22:43) Apartment buildings with lights on in the evening. (23:43) An overgrown field, with an old three-story building. (25:40) A sign: “Ul. Nowolipki 40.” (27:13) Cobblestone street. (27.42) “Wolnosc.” (29:02) Going into a building and the open courtyard behind.

FILM ID 4716 -- White 84 Varsovie Cimetiere Monument Vistule
Warsaw city in the distance. (1:19) Vistula river. (3:14) Train. (5:55) Memorial on a wall in Polish and Hebrew: “Z tego miejsca W latach 1942x1943 Hitlerowscy Ludobojcy wywiezli na meczenska smierc do obozow zaglady setki tysiecy sydow. czesc pamieci meczennikow I bojownikow” [From this place In the years 1942x1943, the Nazis took hundreds of thousands of Jews to death in the death camps. In memory of the martyrs and Jewish fighters.] (6:56) A gas station beside a street with tram tracks. (9:00) The memorial. (10:01) Cemetery with graves with Hebrew writing.

Production:  1985
Warsaw, Poland
Created by Claude Lanzmann during the filming of "Shoah," used by permission of USHMM and Yad Vashem
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:48:10
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