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German civilians; German troops; Elbe River bridge

Film | RG Number: RG-60.2697 | Film ID: 962

Five civilians with child and dog. Stevens carrying machine gun preceded group of civilians pushing cart with belongings. Pan of camouflaged objects, not clear what the objects are. Stevens and other members of unit talking with a German with white hat with "Berlin" written on band. Women seated nearby sewing, eating and drinking. These appear to be German civilians. Activity in city street, demolished buildings on either side. Stevens with goggles and Moffat. Civilians sitting on side of bombed out road. CUs of civilians. Their belongings are stacked in bags alongside of them. Groups include small children. Many shots of civilians and rubble in the streets. Moffat talking with a man in a gray sweater near airfield, what appear to be British troops with the Americans. Planes landing in BG. Possibly could be Australian unit and African troops. Camera captures shots, shooting from under the plane's wing to a large number of troops being loaded onto the plane. LS of 15 DC3s in line loading troops, some wearing burgundy berets. Troops (not Americans) waiting for planes, seated on grass beside runway. VS of troops waiting to board planes. Squadron of planes fly overhead. Pan down to men sitting on ground. DC3s taking off. N.M. on front fuselage and US insignia on rear. Other planes in BG. VS of railroad yard with steam, smoke and flames in BG.

German soldiers in black uniforms walk toward camera on main street in Halle, Germany. Stevens talking to German soldier in black uniform, white shoulder patch. Stevens giving instructions. Two Germans carry heavy objects across street toward rail yards. The Germans in black uniforms appear to be firefighting troops plugging in hoses. Ambulance truck in BG. Platoon of German troops marching through narrow street in town, gray uniforms. Sign reads: "Berlin 168 kms." Stevens talking to people in jeep next to his jeep Toluca at side of small river. Jeeps going across pontoon bridge away from camera. Sign next to bridge reads: "Do not shift gears." Group of American men, including Stevens and Moffat standing on cobblestone street in village. CU of Stevens and unidentified American in helmet. Camera crew with cameras on tripods under trees. They discuss work. Someone holding microphone boom. Camera slate says something regarding Russians. Sign reads: "Truman Bridge gateway to Berlin over the Elba courtesy 83rd Thunderbolt Division constructed by the 295 Engr Bn 992 Bridge Co." VS of jeeps and other vehicles crossing the bridge. GIs, in rowboat going out in river. Stevens walks toward camera. Hamilton and Stevens by sign. Single engine reconnaissance plane flies overhead.

Event:  1945
Production:  1945
Halle, Germany
Elbe River, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Library of Congress
Record last modified: 2021-10-06 16:20:07
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