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Russians meet Americans at Torgau; dancing

Film | RG Number: RG-60.2690 | Film ID: 961

Color film coverage of Americans linking up with Russians on the Elbe River in April 1945. Boat comes toward shore, lands. Foreign officer (possibly French Naval officer) in dark blue uniform is greeted. Mounted Russian soldiers with sabers. Horses loaded on pontoon ferry boat. Women seated on tractors.

Stevens and Captain walk to the river, meet Russians. Shot of Stevens, on Russian side of river. Russian officer walking with a cane. Stevens, cameraman holding tripod talking with Russians. CUs of Russian army officers and soldiers. Americans and Russians looking at money. Stevens and Russians standing around camera. Sgt. Bill Hamilton looks through Russian camera on tripod. Hamilton shows Russian how to use eyemo camera.

Two-star and one-star generals arrive. (Handwritten annotation by LoC catalogers indicates that this footage was shot on the first day that the Russians and Americans met at the Elbe River.) Russian taking picture of general with hand-cranked camera. Posed shot of officers in front of British, American and Russian flags. Large group of men walking across field behind flag, appears to be photo session of Russians, Americans and British linking up. Flags visible. Cameramen rushing toward Stevens' camera. Officers and flags follow. The center of attention are the high-ranking officers of the three countries. They enter a compound. The Russian one-star commander with medals talks with two-star American general. Stevens walks toward camera amidst the group.

Three Russian women military. Bill Hamilton with a dozen Russian soldiers, pans to American with glasses (Dickie Hoar - one of Stevens crew). Stevens and Bill Hamilton with group of Russian soldiers. Stevens offers hand, Russian shakes it reluctantly. Good shot of Stevens talking with the Russians. Stevens seated with a group (Pat Ashworth on far left), Russian comes up and shakes his hand. Russians wearing medals. CU of medals on Russian soldier's chest.

Russian armored vehicle with soldiers on top. CUs of small groups of Russians and Americans, including Dick Hoar. Group of soldiers and women ride off in horse-drawn carriage. Sign board reads: "Frankfurt 150 kms, Marzberg 24 kms, Liebenwerte 33 kms."

Russian soldier dancing in front of trucks. Stevens takes off helmet, Russian soldier still dancing. Two Russian soldiers playing drum and accordion. Another Russian soldier dancing, pan to musicians. CU, sign reads: "Herzberg 27 kms." Open truck with many GIs. Stevens and Russian officer working with machine gun. Red Cross man standing by. Russian shows Stevens how to shoot. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.

Sign on tree in Russian reads: "Torgau." LS of damaged bridge down river. Trees, explosion in BG, white smoke. Red flag.

Two men in town of Torgau, fighting. Cameraman filming Torgau sign. Stevens walks up with Ivan Moffat and looks at it. CU of sign reads: "Torgau, Kreis Torgau."

Event:  1945 April
Production:  1945
Elbe River, Germany
Torgau, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Library of Congress
Record last modified: 2021-10-06 16:20:06
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