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US Army kissing French girls; parade

Film | RG Number: RG-60.2682 | Film ID: 959

Stevens and Moffat in crowd of French civilians, French girls talking, Stevens signing autographs. Solow, Stevens and others in front of Scribe Hotel, crowds in streets, blue and white sign: "M.L.N." in window of Scribe. American GI taking picture with speed graphic. Shot of weapons carrier and jeep with camera set on tripod. Hamilton holding and kissing two girls. Shot of several Americans and French girls driving past in jeep. Large numbers of civilians walking past, American jeep "Flash Gordon." Six or seven men crouched behind jeep firing at sniper in window. Stevens puts rifle on shoulder. Walks past jeep. More sniper activity, people evacuate jeep. American GI takes rifle from jeep, some action in distance, VS of building where sniper is and shots of street which is now empty. Men prepared to fire at building from seated position, women running down streets. Large black truck with many flags. CU of blonde French civilian. Men passing out champagne. Series of green staff cars drive up to reviewing stand. This begins reviewing stand sequence. There are many generals evident in this sequence, including Bradley. They turn and salute toward camera. Reviewing stand as Bradley and De Gaulle mount the steps, apparent in front row of the reviewing stand is General Montgomery and another American three-star general. Vehicles coming toward reviewing stand with Arc d'Triumph in the BG, members of the camera crew standing beneath reviewing stand. Shot of De Gaulle and Bradley. Stevens with troops in BG. All on reviewing stand salute, followed by shots of armed jeeps passing reviewing stand, tanks passing, American flags visible. Stevens salutes. More tanks passing, crowd waving as jeeps pass, both sides of the street are lined with people. Vehicles driving toward Place de Concorde. Trucks towing large field guns, last trucks come by with bicyclists behind. De Gaulle leaves reviewing stand. Bradley salutes De Gaulle, who enters his car, car drives off with Cross Lorraine on the side.

VS of Paris at what seems to be a different time of the year. Camera crew sets up on top of jeep, French guards in silver helmets and black and red uniforms arrive, tanks lined to the side. Many bicyclists passing by, two-engine, high-winged plane flies by. Gene Solow, Stevens and two other officers. Gen. Eisenhower leads group of dignitaries to Tomb of Unknown Soldier, all salute, band leader starts band music. Pan to Eisenhower. aide presents Eisenhower with wreath which he puts on tomb. Eisenhower walks to microphone and speaks. Shot of camera crew covering speech, pan to Eisenhower speaking. Onlooker, including four-star general. Band leader conducting band, panning shot of Allied officers, entire group exits. Pan of band and drummers drumming with camera crew above them in BG. Stevens and possibly French officer holding film camera, Gene Solow in shot.

Series of shots of tanks moving out. Stevens and French girls (This footage appears to be from Liberation of Paris that according to logs was shot two days earlier). Pan to Ivan Moffat, Bill Hamilton kissing French girl, CU of French girl, vehicles moving down the Champs Elysees with British flag. People toasting, pigeon on jeep, CU of French woman. Stevens and Hamilton talking to French civilians. Pan of Eiffel Tower, people carrying umbrellas, rainbow in BG. Stevens, Solow and other officer in front row of Eiffel Tower. Solow taking shots of Stevens. Crowd gathered at large stone building, panning from Eiffel Tower down to crowd with military band playing. Seine River. Sailboat coming through under bridge. Men fishing along side of Seine near bridge. Shot of Notre Dame Cathedral. Boys choir, in blue suits, short pants, and white socks singing. A series of shots covering this, including the chorus leader. VS of street, across Seine with Eiffel Tower in BG. Winter scenes around the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, snow on ground. Champs Elysees with slush/snow on ground. Vehicles and people walking around, CU on sign that reads: "Champs Elysees." French girls walking up Champs Elysees in snow. VS of sidewalk cafes and French civilians, vehicles moving on snowy streets, men shoveling snow.

Event:  1944
Production:  1944
Paris, France
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Library of Congress
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:05:22
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