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Liberation in France; French collaborator

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1465 | Film ID: 2996

(INV1452) Various shots of large crowds waving to camera. 00:30 Some French soldiers try to clear the crowd to make a path on the road. 00:36 A man holds up a piece of paper. 00:43 Wider shot of crowd. 00:52 American Army car drives through the crowds. 00:54 CU on two female onlookers and then the rest of the crowd. 01:06 Very wide shot, view of the crowd filling the road. 01:08 Civilians approach soldiers sitting and standing around a car and shake their hands. 01:14 MS of the two soldiers sitting in the car. One is smoking a cigarette, the other one is facing away from the camera. 01:17 A soldier shakes hands with a young boy. 01:27 A man and woman in crowd kiss, people around them laugh and cheer. 01:31 A man in the crowd drinks wine from a glass cup. 01:51 Wine bottle on the left. 02:12 A soldier stands in front of a landmark tower. Army vehicles drive away from that area; camera follows the car circling around it. 02:53 A man standing on the military car mouths something. 02:56 A woman (French collaborator) has a swastika painted on her chest, forehead, and cheek. Her hair is being shaved off. Crowd of young men behind her smiling and cheering, holding up (perhaps) pieces of her hair. A gun is held up to her right temple. 03:06 A hand forcibly moves her head up to fully reveal it to the camera. 03:10 Army cars driving down a crowded street. 03:13 Woman and three girls running across the street. A man runs across the street. Shot of the empty street with an Army car. 03:27 A soldier crouching with a gun behind a car, another soldier joins him. 04:02 Civilians running across the street corner. 04:23 Various shots of soldiers and some civilians advancing across the street either running or hiding. 05:07 American Army tank labeled "S/L D'Arcangues" 05:17 A soldier using a camera. 05:32 Army cars driving down street and crowds wave.

Event:  1944?
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Library of Congress
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:05:21
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