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Sphinx; battle in desert; bazaar; fighter plane

Film | RG Number: RG-60.3200 | Film ID: 967

This story is a compilation of a number of small reels shot in the deserts of Egypt/North Africa.

Fire truck with men in black uniforms, shot of the Sphinx. Stevens and Bill Mellor in summer uniforms standing in front of a station wagon, pan to Sphinx. VS of Sphinx with pyramid in BG. Stevens walks to FG, Mellor and Stevens in front of Sphinx. VS of tank battle in desert (Sahara) with dust, smoke, tanks advancing. Men on foot behind firing tanks, dust and smoke blowing in strong wind. VS of scrub brush in desert. Soldiers running with weapons, large explosion screen right, FG, more views of men running.

VS of palm trees and tents near an unidentified body of water. American flag on a boat with a felucca in the BG.

Slightly out of focus shot of troops marching in the desert. They are wearing desert helmets. Another shot, in focus, of the troops marching by the camera. Sedan with a red flag with a star in the center of it- unable to determine whether star is white or yellow (this flag appears in other shots in the Stevens's North African footage- it could possibly be the Libyan, Tunisian, Turkish or Moroccan flag.) Band marching by.

VS of rural area in North Africa. Men with donkeys, children playing in the sand, VS of a local market/bazaar. Very colorful footage.

Stevens and Mellor with a pilot of a single-engine American fighter plane, the pilot is a captain. They talk, the plane takes off from unidentified location.

Event:  1944
North Africa
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Library of Congress
Record last modified: 2023-11-07 12:11:10
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