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Survivors at Dachau; service

Film | RG Number: RG-60.1464 | Film ID: 2996

(LIB 6520) Male survivor attempts to hold up a deceased man to the camera. 00:15 They move his body across the room. Other survivors lying down, looking. 00:41 Male survivors lying on the floor, filling the barrack, with blankets, looking at the camera. 00:54 CUs of five different men silently looking at the camera, not moving. 01:29 Cleaning process: Men stand in the BG in line for washing. Man with an amputated leg leans on a walking stick, zips up his pants. 01:43 Men washing each other with the hose. 01:53 CU of the water hose reel. 01:58 A soldier puts powdered soap from buckets in a dispenser that is then linked to the hose. 02:13 Survivor attempts to lift and hold another unconscious inmate for the camera. Appears to be a corpse. Survivors lying down to his right and left look at camera. 02:59 Courtyard. Various shots of piles of clothes and inmate uniforms. 03:34 Clothes hung up in rows. Light snow. 04:00 Danger sign. 04:05 Naked men washing. Some sitting and some standing. 04:48 Men in hats and suits look at a room with a pile of dead bodies. 05:34 A soldier leads two men outside.05:39 CU on the suited men huddled up and speaking. 05:50 Various shots of fence, barbed wire. 06:55 Two men pulling a wooden cart with men covered in blankets sitting on it. Three men push the cart from the back. Men walking back and forth carrying boxes. 07:10 Men and uniformed soldiers hold waving flags (service at Dachau?). Flags with the Star of David. French tricolor flag. Flags with sickle and hammer. American flag. British flag. All men look in the same direction, some crying or wiping tears.

Event:  1945
Dachau, Germany
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Library of Congress
Record last modified: 2021-10-06 16:20:06
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