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Generals and medal ceremony; GIs resting at campsite

Film | RG Number: RG-60.3194 | Film ID: 966

Shot of bombed out cathedral. Twilight shot panning down from bombed out cathedral across bombed out village. Men from camera unit in FG. Shot in bivouac area. General Bernard Montgomery walks into CU. Two-star general reading something from paper. Men walk up, salute Montgomery and medal is pinned on, shakes hands. Another name is called out, another man walks up. Underlit shot of three star general and other officers, two of whom are wearing khaki peaked caps with red band. Two three-star generals talking to Montgomery, one in center appears to be Omar Bradley in helmet. Gen. George Patton wearing pearl-handled pistol, laughing and talking with officers in hats and red bands. Montgomery also in shot. Camera crew photographing this action. Pan from Montgomery to Stevens and others. Pan from Montgomery to Bradley talking to one of men, pan continues to camera crew and Stevens. Still photographer with flash gun pans from him to two-star general reading citation, Montgomery standing by 35mm Mitchell camera on tripod. VS of this including Ivan Moffat standing next to Stevens watching Montgomery. CU of GIs at campsite receiving packages including cigarettes and candy. Men in formation in camp area. First Lt. lining them up. Shot of seven or eight men in ranks who could most likely be identified as members of SPECOU. Men at rest standing around talking, smoking. Stevens looking at sky with binoculars for aircraft. First Lt. looking through binoculars, appears to be Holly Morse. Major with helmet looking through binoculars at sky. Stevens and others coming out of tent with mess kits and piling into truck and driving off, early morning. Three men inspecting a bomb crate in clearing. Men jump out of truck with mess kits. Some underexposed shots of men with mess kits standing around waiting, cleaning mess kits, including CUs.

Event:  1944 July 04
Production:  1944
Accessed at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Library of Congress
Record last modified: 2021-10-06 16:20:07
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