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Schaap visits Palestine and returns to Holland

Film | Accession Number: 2014.524 | RG Number: RG-60.1515 | Film ID: 4102

Continued from Film ID 4101 when Maurits Schaap visited his brother Meijer in Palestine in December 1935. Maurits showed the films to the Jewish community of Rotterdam after he returned.

Streets of Tel Aviv, recording signs and activities within the city. Title, "Autotocht naar HEBRON-DOODE ZEE en JERICHO". Visiting Jericho and the Dead Sea. 02:04:51 Man sits down for a haircut and a shave. 02:05:23 Reflection of cameraman Schaap in a mirror inside the barber shop. Architecture of an ancient amphitheater and the campus of a university. Lectures and people working in a laboratory. 02:12:23 Title, "Graf van Absalom Koningsgraven" The Tomb of Absalom in Jerusalem and the surrounding area. City shots. 02:15:08 Title, "RECHOWOTH met proefstation" INT and EXT of a testing station, possibly dedicated to food production or evaluation. Surrounding territory is farmland. Farms, animals, and the farm activities of a small family. 02:19:23 Title, "TIBERIAS met warme bronnen en opgravingen te Tapcha en Kefar-Nahoem". Touring architecture and visiting the hot springs. City shots and farming scenes. Title card "Ghalassa - Tel Ghaj - Metullah - Safed - Akko - Haifa". Visiting cities and sites. Graveyard, ships at sea, lighthouse, people engaged in commerce. 02:31:11 Outer walls of Jerusalem filmed from a distance. Title, "KLAAGMUUR". The Western Wall and densely populated streets in the Old City of Jerusalem.

02:35:12 "TERUGREIS Cyprus (Larnaca) reddingsoefening. Aansteken der Menorah door Dr. Leibowitz aan boord van het ss. "Gallilea"" Journey to Cyprus by sea aboard the SS Galilee. Rescue exercise performed by the ship's crew on small boats. 02:37:34 Small gathering of individuals Dr. Leibowitz lights six candles on a menorah. Train station in a mountainous region.

02:39:59 "Nieuwjaarsmorgen 1936 in Parijs" Travel in Paris, visiting Place de la Concord and the Eiffel Tower. Aerial views from the Eiffel Tower looking northwest toward Place Trocadero. Bridge construction and renovation on the Seine. City streets, including an area of Montmartre on approach to the Cathedrale de Sacre Coeur.

02:41:10 Title, "AANKOMST te R'DAM, Woensdagavond 1 Januari 1936" Arriving in Rotterdam at night on January 1, 1936, focusing on lights and neon signs. "EINDE"

Event:  December 1935-January 1936
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Paris, France
Tel Aviv, Palestine
Jerusalem, Israel
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Eli Schaap
Record last modified: 2023-09-05 11:30:09
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