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Family; ritual circumcision; children at play

Film | Accession Number: 2014.524 | RG Number: RG-60.1522 | Film ID: 4104

EXT, family with five adults and three children, presumably in front of their residence (#165). Good shots. They dress in furs and walk through a central park/garden. 03:13:13 Small boat at sea taking the Schaap family to England in 1939 and the passengers.

03:13:36 Well-dressed people gather in the city streets of Rotterdam and enter a building. The Chief Rabbi of Rotterdam, Yissachar-Berhard Davids, in a top-hat with Naatje Keizer Schaap with a white lace scarf. INTs, rabbi preparing for ritual bris ceremony of Chaim (Herman) Eljakim Vleeschhouwer (a cousin, b. June 5, 1935). Additional guests walk down street towards door. Man arrives on motorcycle with sidecar with a storage box labeled "S. SCHAAP." Door number "119"?. INT, a private residence. Care of the newborn boy. 03:16:07 The baby is circumcised in a religious ceremony. Festive celebration for circumcision. Cake with name, "Chaim Eljakim." Family gathers at a table for a meal. 00:18:45 Mother Margaret (Gretha) Vleeschhouwer with white lace cap lies in bed eating small treats. MS, newborn, drinking from a bottle. Gretha and her husband Isaac admire the baby.

03:20:47 The baby is older: sitting in a high chair, standing with assistance, and playing outdoors. 03:24:28 Netherlands flag hangs from outside the (same?) residence. Herman plays on the sidewalk and meets a new sibling, Sarah Eva Vleeschhouwer, born September 1, 1936, in a crib. Newborn girl is fed milk from a bottle. Herman potty trains. 03:28:36 Herman and Sarah, now older, on the stairs, playing in an open space. They dance in a circle with a female relative, possibly mother Gretha. Balcony with adults.

03:31:20 Family gathering, including three young girls and two young boys. Children and women dance in a circle, including Herman and Sarah. 03:35:20 Quick view of children in costume, possibly for Purim. Outside in the garden, the family poses for a family portrait. The man in the center holds a camera. Parents organize everyone. 03:37:30 INT, young girl on a woman's lap. EXT, kids play with a wheelbarrow, scooter, and other toys. INT, adults at a table enjoying tea or coffee, talking. Family dances with children in a circle around an older relative. 03:39:05 In color, Herman and Sarah play outside, hug and kiss.

Event:  1935-1939?
Rotterdam, Netherlands
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Eli Schaap
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:03:05
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