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Prewar Jewish life in the Netherlands; Haamstede Airfield; Jewish orphanage

Film | Accession Number: 2014.524 | RG Number: RG-60.1516 | Film ID: 4103

Street scenes in the early 1930s in Rotterdam. Salomon Schaap (on far left) and Naatje Keizer Schaap (in middle), the cameraman's parents, walk together in the streets, arm in arm. Shop sign. They enter the cheese shop they owned. The family lived behind this shop. The man in the light-colored suit who follows them into the shop is Emanuel Schaap (died in Mauthausen in 1944). Maurits exits the car and gets a hair cut in barber shop. Man waves. Visit to a vegetable garden owned by a sister or aunt. Older man with a yarmulke and Naatje. They walk towards the camera. Louis Schaap, the cameraman's brother, smokes a cigar while walking in the street. Signs for businesses, family members walk towards camera. HAS, kids play in the street. Canals, pan up church tower. People in boat down canal. Steam ships on river. Water views, pans of buildings in port town. "Tea Room". "President Kruger" on side of ship. Man in top-hat walks directly up to camera. Ship, water, and street scenes. Man seen earlier gets into car. Travelogue. Sign: "Hasselt", a city in Belgium, general views.

06:10:07 Plane overhead in sky, landing on runway at Haamstede Airfield, KLM. Crowd gathers in hangar. Gentlemen disembark Fokker plane numbered PH-AKQ (in service between 1935 and 1940). View from air. KLM on building. Cockpit of plane. 06:12:25 Brief cartoon of Felix the cat with titles in English. 06:13:32 Holland street scenes. Woman with young boy backs away from camera. Plays ball with boy outside of house. INT, woman holds baby.

06:15:11 EXT Wagons lined on grass - possibly a Romani encampment. Children playing in FG. Four Roma (?) men in sweaters walk toward camera.

06:15:51 Street scene with bicycles and other traffic, probably in Holland. 06:16:15 Family (same gentleman in top-hat from earlier) poses for the camera and jokes around. A group of men fix a car.

EXT, children at the Jewish orphanage in Leiden, run by a sister or aunt in the Schaap family. Girls pose in front of residence. Man approaches with his bicycle, children watch as he tinkers with the bike. Children gather for group shot, including a man with a yarmulke. The staff of the Jewish orphanage pose on the porch, including a Schaap family member, the man with the yarmulke, and the woman with a lab-coat.

Canal. Farm. INT, textile store (possibly associated with Family Naeije?). "Amstel Bier" sign. 06:19:10 Shipyard. People pose for camera in streets, presumably in the Hague. Blonde looks over shoulder while leaning on lamp post. LS, the boardwalk area on the coast in the Hague, possibly postwar. Automobiles, people stroll and eat in outdoor café. Two women, probably members of an anti-Nazi Christian family who helped the Schaaps with cleaning after WWII when they were billeted at a house previously occupied by a Nazi. The women exit then enter store; one walks toward camera and laughs.

Event:  1930s
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Hague, Netherlands
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Eli Schaap
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:48:43
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