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Postwar wedding of Jewish survivors; ritual circumcision of their newborn

Film | Accession Number: 2014.524 | RG Number: RG-60.1523 | Film ID: 4104

Title, "Onze Trouw-Film" [Our Wedding Film]. City streets. At the Roxy Theater. Maurits Schaap and Rebecca (Bep) Bedak, soon to be married, meet and start toward City Hall in August 1945. Title, "Aankomst op het staduis" City Hall (The Hague). Street signs and the general location. There is no filming inside City Hall itself for the signing of the marriage license. The couple exits the building holding the marriage contract. In Rotterdam, Bep wears diamond jewelry just below her neck. The family prepares for the wedding ceremony in a synagogue in Rotterdam. Bep dresses in a gown and veil. 03:43:03 Title card: "Naar de kerk". Guests arrive at the synagogue with Star of Davids above the doors. Bep and Maurits and several attendees arrive. Family and children gather for photos at a residence after the ceremony.

03:46:38 INTs of the Roxy movie theater in The Hague owned by Bep's parents (killed in Auschwitz). Bep and Maurits lived here for a few months after getting married in 1945. This is the only theater the family got back after the war. Daily life (possibly staged). An office or study has been decorated - books are piled high on one table, flowers in vases add to the calm atmosphere. A man sits at a desk, smoking and filing paperwork. The woman folds and reads a newspaper after showing food that has been prepared and set out on a low table. She offers a small tour of the study.
03:49:47 EXT in front of the residence of "M.S. SCHAAP", number 74 on a city street with trams and pedestrians. Maurits and Bep take their dog for a walk through town. Bep is pregnant. She rests in bed and eats soup, perhaps having just given birth. Baby Eljakiem Schaap (born in 1946) is in a crib above which hangs a Star of David. 03:54:10 The infant boy is circumcised in a ceremony. The entire process is shown in detail, including the tools and procedures for a circumcision as well as the surgery itself. 03:55:25 EXT of building, "EMMAKLINIEK". Family exits carrying baby Eljakiem in a blanket. They arrive at home by car. CUs of mother Bep.

Event:  August 1945/1946
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Hague, Netherlands
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Eli Schaap
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:48:44
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