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Allies clear debris; children sent to England to recuperate

Film | Accession Number: 2014.524 | RG Number: RG-60.1528 | Film ID: 4106

The Allies commissioned this four part documentary from Maurits Schaap after liberation.

Titles: "Zeeuwsch Vlaanderen", "Documentaire Film der Verwoesting", "Bulldozers aan den arbeid". An Allied bulldozer clears debris. Cranes and other tractors push, pull, lift and haul destroyed materials. Title, "Afscheid Kol. J.V. Leeuwen. Gezagsoverdracht aan Maj. F. Koch" Military and civilian personnel sit together at a large banquet table, enjoying a meal before the departure of Colonel. J.V. Leeuwen. Titles: "Nieuwe Mil. Commissaris van Z. Vlaanderen Majoor", "F.P.O.M. Koch". Koch works at a desk, signing paperwork, answering telephone call. Title: "Rechterhand van den millitairen commissaris Kap. P. de Bruyne E.T.O." De Bruyne works in an office. List of personnel and hierarchy on a blackboard with the date April 25, 1945.

05:39:42 Dutch children in Zeeland being sent to England to recuperate in 1945. Titles: "Kindertransport naar Engeland, leiding van Mevr. Standaert", "en Kapitein Bakker". Children board a bus to start their journey to England. The children each wear small identification tags on string, usually around the neck or pinned to their clothing. Title cards: "Het is prettig naar engeland te gaan, is ook het afscheid" Title card: "Niet alles mag mee naar Engeland!!" The children say goodbye to their parents and board the bus. Delousing. "T no 1792, Naam: Merck, P. Adres: Breskensche Duk, Groede 0.2", "Post of embarkation: OSTEND", "destination: c O Netherlands Government, "Children's Committee", Londen [sic], S.W.1." The bus departs. On the side of the bus is a banner that reads: "Wij varen naar Engeland" Title, "De kazerne als kinderspeelplaats" Children leave the bus and play in an open space. Behind them are barracks. Title: "Op weg naar de haven" Children walk with their supervisors past men carrying shovels. Bags. A few gesture to the camera. The children get into another truck with an Allied star and wave goodbye. Title card: "Einde derde deel"

Event:  1944-1945
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Eli Schaap
Record last modified: 2022-07-28 22:03:05
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