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Visiting England, 1947

Film | Accession Number: 2014.524 | RG Number: RG-60.1525 | Film ID: 4105

Maurits Schaap visits England in 1947 to get supplies for his hatmaker shop. Forested area. Fence marked "The Vale." Schaap visits acquaintances - house and expansive flower garden. Busy city streets. Back at the house, people greet the camera and offer small garden tours. 04:27:37 Man in what appears to be military dress. City life. Crowd gathers around a man speaking in front of a banner that reads "The New Health Crusade." Sign for Aldgate East Station in London. Vendors sell various goods, including newspapers, in the busy streets of the city. Various buildings in London. Large cathedral, grounds and cemetery. Suburban area near "The Vale" as seen earlier. Two women and one man greet the camera. 04:34:44 London, busy streets in which goods are for sale. 04:35:18 Sign "Welcome Home Hymie." Home near the Vale. Back in London, large gathering at a park. People congregate with demonstration signs while a man gives a speech. Traveling in London. Along the Thames, small paddleboats, families, and swans. Leicester Square in London. 04:40:28 EXT Odeon Theatre, playing the movie "Jassy" (released in 1947). Other theatres: Empire Theatre, "Song of a Thin Man"; Warner Theatre, Humphrey Bogart leads in "The Two Mrs. Carrolls"; an unidentified theatre shows "Cobacabana"; Grand National Pictures, "The Turners of Prospect Road." Man sets up a ladder in front of Grand National Pictures, reaches and enters a window. Tourist scenes: Tower of London, an unknown cathedral, the "Shakespeare Hotel", the "Talbot Hotel" (possibly in Stourridge), and Bignell's Service Stations Ltd. in Highgate.

04:51:45 In color, several people swim in a pool with a diving board. Market street, location unknown, where people gather to buy a variety of goods. Journey through London. Shipping yard where vehicles are loaded onto a ship using a large crane. Ferry looking out over the water. More sightseeing - buildings. 04:57:29 Public pool with swimmers diving and going down slides, some in slow motion.

Event:  1947 May
London, England
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Eli Schaap
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:48:44
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