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Children at school in Palestine; daily life in Holland; Carnival parade; El Al flight

Film | Accession Number: 2014.524 | RG Number: RG-60.1518 | Film ID: 4103

Titles, "Haifa" and other locations in Palestine. Street scenes. Children in school/nursery in Palestine, wearing costumes, performing a play. Outdoor exercises with teacher. A young couple walks down steps through a yard toward camera.

06:35:15 In Holland, rose garden. Outdoor marketplace crowded with people. Flag of Netherlands flies atop domed building. Elders sit outdoors at the seaside café in the Hague, drinking mineral water. Woman in lab-coat seen earlier with puppies at kennel. Woman looks at dogs. Men gesture to camera near automobile. Man with back to camera speaks on ornate telephone in an office. 06:37:44 Walking along boardwalk: women in ethnic Dutch costumes, old man carries newspaper, girls eat ice cream. Ship with Navy men. 06:38:34 Little boy stands beside mother. Plane (PH-AII) on airfield. Man pats horse. "Taverne Rio" café, likely in Zoersel, Belgium. INTs, people hold hands and dance in a circle around champagne bottles. Port. Pan, large expanse of water, very long bridge, ships. 06:41:37 Man holds up movie camera. Man exits a shop combing hair and smoking cigarette. Children at beach run toward water, play games in the sand. Group of people look down from ivy-covered balcony. Man and woman exit an automobile. Crowd in the street - man in bus with bandaged head wounds. 06:43:59 Slow-moving parade, marching, playing instruments. Children and others carry flags and wreaths, some in youth group uniforms.

06:45:07 Carnival or Queen's Day parade in city square on cobbled streets with floats and more festive paraders in the rain. CU, masked man with "Niews Polygoon Haarlem" camera as a decorated prop. Another sign indicates "1940" (could be the year).

06:47:17 Race track at summertime. Crowds at betting windows, horses and jockeys run race, jump over hedges. Trophies on table. 06:49:38 Couple enters a building. Sign, "Eilanden Beurs". Family name of shop (illegible). INT, furniture shop (possibly the store of family Naeije who hid Maurits Schaap in Terneuzen or Firma Monasch where Maurits worked until 1940). People shop at large indoor market or warehouse.

06:50:56 (postwar, Inaugural flight of EL AL in Sept 1948.) Airport. Man wears jacket with "El Al" on back. Views from plane. INT, cockpit instruments. Flying over mountains, canals. Automobile. People eat at a table outdoors. Picnic tables by a lake. Sign for "The Strand Palace Hotel" in England. Buckingham Palace. Band.

Event:  1940?; 1948
Haifa, Palestine
London, England
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Eli Schaap
Record last modified: 2021-06-03 12:48:43
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